Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Prez Is “Confidant”

Sane men would be worried, but not George W. Bush. The nation as a whole can’t stand President Bush’s guts and the majority of voters want him out, impeached, tried for war crimes or dead. In addition, the nation as a whole wants the war in Iraq to end and wants the president to bring our troops home. The President’s Secretary of Defense and oh-so-beloved architect of the Iraq war Donald Rumsfeld was forced to resign in December 2006. Bush’s assistant, “Scooter” Libby was sentenced to jail in March 2006 (a sentence later commuted by Bush which let Libby off Scot free.) Most of the president’s Justice Department resigned in disgust before Bush finally fired his lying Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales. The president’s Advisor and decider Karl Rove slithered out of the White House yesterday after resigning on August 13th. Senator John Warner (R-VA) said yesterday that he wouldn’t run for the Senate again, leaving his Senate seat up for grabs. (BTW, I was amazed to realize that Warner’s marriage to actress Elizabeth Taylor actually lasted six years {1976 -1982}--and isn’t that odd?--he always seemed so reasoned and stable.) Bush's Press Secretary Tony Snow resigned today. Idaho Republican Congressman Larry Craig is resigning today after trying to get sex from an undercover cop in a public restroom last week. Republican Congressman Mark Foley had to resign last September after House Pages ratted him out over his buggering little boys. The president’s spiritual advisor, Ted Haggard, was forced to resign as pastor of his Megachurch in Colorado last November because of “sexually immoral (as, in homosexual) behavior”. Ken Mehlman retired as Republican National Committee Chairman the end of 2006 after being outed by TV personality Bill Maher. The war in Iraq is going as badly as a war can go. That is, we have lost the war and there is no way no-how that it can ever be won. But nevermind all that. The New York Times reports today, “President Bush, appearing confident about sustaining support for his Iraq strategy, met at the Pentagon on Friday with the uniformed leaders of the nation’s armed services and then pointedly accused the war’s opponents of politicizing the debate over what to do next.” After meeting with the chiefs of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines in a briefing room known as the Tank, Bush said, “The stakes in Iraq are too high and the consequences too grave for our security here at home to allow politics to harm the mission of our men and women in uniform,” Mr. Bush said in a statement after his meeting with the chiefs of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines in a briefing room known as the Tank.” Bush is confident because he has his bought-and-paid-for ambassador to Iraq, Ryan C. Crocker (who has “nice-napkin-lunches” for American Congressman in Baghdad to promote Bush’s lovely war), and Crocker will speak glowingly about the progress of Bush's war. And Bush has his bought-and-paid-for General, David H. Petraeus, (who mislaid billions of American dollars and armaments in Iraq), and Petraeus will announce on September 10 that the president’s puny Iraq surge is going very well, that the US is winning its war and that the US must stay in Iraq and fight, fight, fight until any 18-year-old soldiers who might accidentally survive are 100-year old veterans. It’s difficult to tell if Crocker and Petraeus are insane or just corrupt and unethical. I’m betting on corrupt and unethical. Vice President Dick Cheney who joined in the talks in “the Tank” is not insane. Cheney is sick, old, on many medications and he drinks too much given the meds he takes. But the bottom line is that Cheney is corrupt, unethical, and a mean, nasty old pol who cares about no one and nothing except Dick Cheney’s power and money. But one thing is absolutely for sure, President George W. Bush is crazy as a loon and probably always has been. We, the people of the United States do not have to put up with this ridiculous state of affairs in our government. The United States Congress does not have to sit by and watch insane, corrupt and unethical people run the government. The Congress has the power to stop this travesty. The people have the power to make the Congress put an end to it. So for GOD’S SAKE, let’s demand that Congress get off its collective ass and put an end NOW to the Bush/Cheney fascist regime!!!!!!

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Barry Schwartz said...

I do not understand these Dems. They have the lowest approval numbers ever, and they shrink back even further. Perhaps I have never observed the beaten-wife syndrome, and that is why I do not understand; but it is hard to believe they are proudly Americans, with the way they act. It is indeed as if they were devoid of values, accommodating ciphers.