Sunday, March 18, 2007

Yo, Loyal Bushies! Mind What You Wish For!

The Bush administration desperately wanted and desperately needed a diversion to turn the world’s attention from the disastrous war in Iraq. And the Bush administration has gotten it, The “it” being the latest scandal coming out of the White House Insane Asylum: Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, White House senior presidential advisor Karl Rove, President Bush’s ex-White House Counsel Harriet Miers and the president himself have been found to be at the center of the firing for political reasons of 8 US attorneys who George W. Bush himself appointed during his first term. This morning, the Sunday talk shows will all be abuzz about whether the AG will resign (get fired) or not. However, even these juicy and disgraceful revelations can’t completely take the Iraq War off the front pages. One reason is that the war continues to spiral into the black hole of an unwinnable conflict that no one in his right mind can support or defend. Plus, we are entering the fifth year of this horrific travesty. On the eve of the fourth anniversary of President Bush’s illegal and unnecessary war in Iraq, Frank Rich, once again, has performed an invaluable service in his Sunday column in the New York Times. Today his article is titled, “The Ides of March, 2003. Rich offers “a chronology of some of the high and low points in the days leading up to the national train wreck whose anniversary we mourn this week [with occasional “where are they now” updates].” I would reprint the column in its entirety, but it’s very long. However, two sites have foiled the New York Times attempt to make readers pay through the nose to read its TimesSelect articles. You can download Frank Rich’s columns and other NYT op/ed page writers at: One of the quotes in Rich's column is from Dixie Chicks Natalie Maines. She told an audience in England, “We do not want this war, this violence, and we’re ashamed that the president of the United States is from Texas.” As Rich says, “Boycotts, death threats and anti-Dixie Chicks demonstrations followed.” Now, over 70% of the voters in the United States would agree with Maines: We are so ashamed of the president of the United States. The BBC’s Katty Kay on Chris Matthews TV show this morning said during the “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” segment that the Republicans will have an even tougher road to hoe in trying to regain the majority in Congress in 2008. Kay said that 10 Republican members of Congress have decided not to run for re-election. Is there any good news for the GOP? Maybe. Ted Haggard, the New Life Church pastor who was a spiritual adviser to George W. Bush and had a secret gay life is coming out of rehab soon. Now that he is totally heterosexual, New Life says it will continue to pay Haggard’s salary of $130,000 through the end of 2007. In exchange, Haggard has agreed not to talk to the media and to leave town. So now Haggard can come to Washington, DC fulltime and ease the Prez through his rough times.

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