Wednesday, March 14, 2007

That Passive Voice Again

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales says “Mistakes Were Made” re the wholesale firings of US attorneys. Kyle Sampson who was the Attorney General’s ex-righthand man and now-fall guy resigned on Monday. Apparently it was Sampson who made the mistakes. The Prez is in Mexico selling the US down the river, but his apologist and counselor Dan Bartlett said, “The White House did not play a specific role in the list of the seven U.S. attorneys (who were fired).” According to Bartlett, George W. Bush’s role was “minimal”. Bartlett called a hurried and last-minute press conference from Mérida, Mexico to explain that the president of the United States is an idiot and knows nothing. Barlett also said the Prez has “all the confidence in the world” in Mr. Gonzales. Which pretty much guarantees Gonzales will be fired and will be awarded a Medal of Freedom. Bartlett added during his press conference that the whole mess was Harriet Miers fault. He said she had “signed off on the list (of US attorneys to be fired) ”. Harriet Miers resigned effective January 31, 2007. She is the President’s ex-counselor and now-fall guy. The Machiavellian plot that the president and attorney general know nothing about originated in the White House and was implemented in the Attorney General’s office. And the plan was simplicity itself. It required that US attorneys be fired so that the Prez could use Patriot Act authority to indefinitely appoint interim federal prosecutors without Senate confirmation who would follow White House orders. Either the Prez and the Attorney General are the powerful leaders and deciders they claim to be, or they are the lackeys and dupes we know they are. They can’t have it both ways.

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