Sunday, March 25, 2007

Oh to Have Frank Rich’s Sources!

This morning, in his New York Times Op/Ed article Frank Rich nails Alberto “Fredo” Gonzales: “When Will Fredo Get Whacked?” It’s a beaut. And it spells out some of the more outrageous, illegal and sycophantic behavior of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales who was nicknamed “Fredo” by his long-time Texas crony George W. Bush. Rich’s answer to his own question is that Gonzales will be kicked to the curb when he can no longer protect George W. Bush. Now that the Gonzales lies are coming to light through documented evidence, the end of his usefulness to the Bush administration is sure to be sooner rather than later. And interesting as all these tribulations of the White House are, the issue I would love to be able to probe in depth is: Why is it important that the United States stay in Iraq? All of the ostensible reasons are bullshit. Perhaps it would be more pertinent to ask: To what country does the US owe such a debt, that when it demands we stay in Iraq, we must comply? We certainly don’t owe it to the people of the United States or to the American soldiers. To say killing more Americans is the only way we can support the alive and dead soldiers is ridiculous. And the people of the United States want us out of Iraq yesterday. And yes, we have ruined and devastated a whole country for no reason, but our continued presence in Iraq is only adding to that ruin and devastation. If we owe Iraq anything it’s reparations not troops. Now that the United States has caused the terrorist upsurge in Iraq, and since the civil war in Iraq can be laid right at the door of the United States, even our money is useless to the people of Iraq. But since the White House has always wanted to link 9/11 with the war in Iraq, what if there really is a link? And what would that link be? Saudi Arabia. What Middle Eastern dynasty has the Bush dynasty been in bed with for decades? Saudi Arabia. Who attacked the World Trade Center? The Saudis. What large group of people did the Bush administration spirit out of the United States the night of the WTC attack? Forty Saudi Arabians. Which country in the Middle East is deadly afraid of Iran’s nuclear capability? Saudi Arabia. Iraq is between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Which country would have benefited most if the war in Iraq had progressed the way the fools in the White House and Pentagon promised? Saudi Arabia. And my final rumination is this: Was the World Trade Center attack a warning that promises made had better be promises kept? Did Saudi Arabia and the United States have an understanding about the future of Iraq way before March 19, 2003? And was the United States about to reneg on that promise in 2001? It’s obvious why I say I wish I had Frank Rich's sources and resources for research.

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I would trade them in a heartbeat for Sidney Blumenthal's.