Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wee Georgie Says Don’t You Dare!

The Prez all but stamped his little foot on Tuesday when he delivered a few remarks on the dismissed US attorneys. Twice during his prepared comments he reminded his listeners that US attorneys serve at his pleasure. He laid out the terms under which he would "allow Key members of my staff to be interviewed by committee members to ascertain relevant facts”. Three times during his 855-word ultimatum, he used the word “reasonable” to describe his proposal for letting his staff testify regarding the firing of the US attorneys. And he repeated “reasonable” twice more as he became agitated and testy during the question and answer period. The Little Dictator was royally pissed off. “I have proposed a way for them to find out what took place,” he said. “My concern is, they would rather be involved with partisanship. They view this as an opportunity to score political points. The proposal we put forward is a good one. There really is a way for people to get information. We'll just fine (sic) out what's on their mind.” In other words the president said, like it or lump it, this is how it’s going to be done, or it’s not going to be done. “If the Democrats truly do want to move forward and find the right information, they ought to accept what I proposed,” the Prez said. “And the idea of dragging White House members up there to score political points, or to put the klieg lights out there — which will harm the President's ability to get good information is — I really do believe will show the true nature of this debate.” End of discussion. But of course, it’s not. When asked if he would “go to the mat” and take the matter “to court” if his proposal is not accepted, the president said, “Absolutely.” Oh what fun! The New York Times reported this morning, “A House panel authorized subpoenas Wednesday requiring Karl Rove and four other senior Bush administration officials to testify under oath in the inquiry into the dismissals of eight federal prosecutors.” On Tuesday, press secretary Tony Snow said, ”If they issue subpoenas, the offer is withdrawn,” Snow described Bush’s offer as “an extraordinarily generous offer.” According to the White House script, Little Mr. Wild West puts on his ten-gallon hat, hitches up his jeans and says, “Ahm the law in these here parts. Do as I say or git!” Did anyone give the Dems a copy of the script?

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