Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bush Twin Jenna Has Written a Book

Jenna’s Granny Bar wrote a couple books. In 2003 Larry King interviewed Granny Bar after she published "Reflections: Life After the White House." King said a “Newsweek” article had indicated Mrs. Bush’s book had been heavily edited. Barbara Bush said the book had not been heavily edited. She wrote it from facts she had put into her diary. What happened was, Barbara Bush said, things had been taken out so she wouldn’t be sued. Words don’t have the same meaning for the Bush family as for us ordinary folks. Do I believe Jenna Bush actually wrote “Ana’s Story: A Journey of Hope”? No. Publisher HarperCollins says “'Ana’s Story' is about a 17-year-old single mother in Panama who is living with HIV.” According to the publisher’s hype, “it ends with a call to action”. Uh-huh. If you remember, HarperCollins published OJ Simpson’s book, “If I Did It, Here’s How It Happened”. So call me skeptical about Jenna Bush actually writing a book. But by me, it should be titled: “I Didn't Write It, But If I Wrote It, I'd Call It Ana's Story". It's been reported that 25-year-old Jenna Bush has had a job in Panama since September as an unpaid intern for UNICEF (which is located on a former US military base). But you have to wonder: Where did she find the time to write an inspiring tearjerker in six months while doing her job (whatever it is), while making secret hush-hush diplomatic trips to Paraquay for the US government and while scoping out retirement venues for her dad in Panama. In addition, Jenna and her fraternal twin Barbara have not been noted for their stunning intellects or social consciences. Nevermind. Apparently, Jenna has done a complete about-face from her bad old drinking-and-getting-arrested days. She says she will donate her earnings from the book to UNICEF and she "very, very modestly" hopes her book will have some of the same impact as “Diary of Anne Frank”. Yeah I know, only the unprincipled, insensitive, crass Bush family and HarperCollins would go there.

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