Friday, January 05, 2007

What Is Needed Is a National Moment of Truth

Yesterday, Bob Herbert said in his Op/Ed piece in the New York Times, “There must be a leader somewhere who can shake the U.S. out of this tragic hypnotic state, who can see that it is beyond crazy to continue our involvement in this war indefinitely, to sacrifice another 1,000 young lives, and then another thousand after that," He said, “The war has been an exercise in futility and mind-boggling incompetence.” He said, “This war is not worth fighting.” He called the war in Iraq “criminal”. He said, “All of the tortured, twisted rationales for this war — all of the fatuous intellectual pyrotechnics dreamed up to justify it — have vaporized, and we’re left with just the mad, mindless, meaningless and apparently endless slaughter.” And everything Bob Herbert said so eloquently is true. But “a leader somewhere” is not what is needed. What is needed is a moment of clarity when the good men and women who can change things realize that they can no longer be silent. There has been an unspoken covenant between the mainstream media, the people in Congress and the movers and shakers around the world that they will not speak publicly about the fact that President George W. Bush is insane. But the fact that George W. Bush has descended into madness has been known by anyone who has had contact with him for at least four years, and for probably as long as the past six years. Arrogance has been the defining characteristic of the Bush administration. And it is this arrogance that has lead everyone behind the George W. Bush throne to believe they can control him. It is folly to think you can give anyone (and certainly not a psychopath) the unlimited powers that the GOP gave to President Bush and at the same time believe the recipient of those unlimited powers can be restrained. It was thought by the Bush-minders that he could be pacified by his surrogate mommies--Condoleezza Rice, Karen Hughes and Harriet Miers. Karen Hughes is no longer in the inner circle and Harriet Miers just quit (or got fired). It was believed Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Karl Rove could control him. Wherever Karl Rove may be, he certainly is not controlling the president and Bush was forced to fire Rumsfeld. Condoleezza Rice and Dick Cheney have to maintain the fiction that the president is really the president. It was part of the original contract the GOP made when the Republican power brokers agreed to elevate a troubled and delusional man to the presidency of the United States. But Rice and Cheney are no longer in control of George W. Bush. And George W. Bush is out of control. A national moment of truth is needed. Not a cover up, not more lies. All the people who know George W. Bush is a dangerous psychopath must say so. And they must demand his removal from office. Will the United States crumble and fall? No. Will the earth’s magnetic poles shift? No. Will the entire Republican Party lose face? You can bet your sweet ass it will. But we survived Joe McCarthy and we survived Richard Nixon and we survived Bill Clinton not being able to keep his libido in check. We can survive Cheney stepping down and being replaced by someone who will be president until the 2008 election. And we can survive a president being removed because he’s a dangerous megalomaniacal psychopath.


Barry Schwartz said...

In case you saw the BuzzFlash interview with Justin Frank, he said something with which I would agree, that we’d be better off with Cheney than with Bush. As Frank says, on account of his illness George W. Bush can’t even 'think'. At least Cheney can 'think'.

I mean, imagine, it is possible to get a Cheney to negotiate on something like the Baker-Hamilton report. But Bush, he can’t even open the book, he just can’t. I’d be surprised to see him even give the report’s cover a good look; there’s too much anxiety. Tell him he must reduce the numbers of troops, and he’ll just increase those numbers to defy you, for fear of the psychic consequences should he let someone else succeed where he could not.

Anonymous said...

Someone must speak about september 11th.

It is obvious to millions the world over that we were lied to about essential events that transpired on that day. If we have a faulty understanding of this precipitating event, oviously our actions taken in response cannot be firmly grounded (i.e. in reality). The Emperor's New Clothes is happening right now... more and more people are watching Loose Change and other films.

certainly someone needs to step up and answer THESE questions-

Why am I listening to dozens of firefighters, cops, and live news reports of multiple explosions going off in the towers? Couple this with a viewing of the news footage form the Oklahoma City bombing in which we watch the bomb squad going in to remove the 2 other bombs found inside the building and hear uniform confirmation of their presence... We are owed an answer.

If those in the congress have seen one of the tapes of flight 77 hitting the pentagon, they need to lay the story to rest for those of us who are looking at this wheel from an A3 Skywarrior on the lawn.
Just let us know that you've seen the tape.