Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Another Codger Called Back to Duty

Fred Fucking Fielding has been named as the new chief White House lawyer to George W. Bush. How about that! This is the same Fred F. Fielding who was WH counsel to Ronald Reagan during the air traffic controllers’ strike in 1981. This is the same Fred F. Fielding who made his bones as deputy counsel to Nixon in 1972 during the Watergate scandal, This is the same Fred F. Fielding who was believed to be “Deep Throat” until May 31, 2005, when William Mark Felt, Sr. announced he was the one and the only “Deep Throat”. The New York Times reported this morning “President Bush has chosen Fred F. Fielding as the new chief White House lawyer, adding to his team a longtime Washington legal hand and veteran of the post.” The NYT said Fielding was “always a leading candidate” for WH counsel as far as chief of staff Joshua Bolten was concerned but the Prez “swiftly dismissed that notion”. Bush installed Harriet Miers as his counsel. She had been his lawyer in Texas and she followed him to Washington, DC. Miers’ main duties were to assist Condoleezza Rice and Karen Hughes as minders and nannies to the increasingly infantile and tantrum-prone president. So the humiliation of Harriet Miers is now complete. First, Bush tried to reward her for being a trusted and true nanny by appointing her to the Supreme Court, which was so ridiculous that Bush had to withdrew the nomination. And now he’s canned Miers as his counsel and has named Fred F. Fielding to the post. Too bad Harriet, but it’s a dog-eat-dog world. Look at it this way, there are thousands of bratty, spoiled, narcissistic little sociopaths in Washington. You can easily get another job. So Fred Fielding becomes the latest old coot to be called back to staff the White House Insane Asylum. Oh sure, what with the investigations that will certainly be launched by the new Democratic Congress, it’s a prudent move for the WHIA to have a seasoned lawyer officially on call. Fielding has been a senior partner at Wiley Rein and Fielding in DC since his days in government, but he’s always been available to the White House in an advisory position. Lee Hamilton who headed the Iraq Study Group said Fielding “understood the problems for the White House and he understood the demands of the commission…he played a key role in working it out for us in an amicable way, and it didn’t come easily.” And Fielding has maintained a close friendship with Dick Cheney. So how about this? If it’s true that Cheney is about to desert the sinking WHIA by claiming ill health, how does Vice President Fred Fucking Fielding sound?

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Barry Schwartz said...

I thought he was hiring Fred Flintstone! This makes a lot more sense.

I give Harriet Miers the benefit of the doubt and assume she is one more rat abandoning ship (as I imagine Scott McClellan did).