Sunday, December 24, 2006

Surprise! Gates Thumbs-Up More Troops

All news stories make it sound like Gates is thinking-thinking-thinking about whether Bush’s unnecessary war needs more troops. But it’s easy to predict that the new Secretary of Defense--George Herbert Walker Bush’s good buddy from CIA days--Robert M. Gates will decide more troops are needed in Iraq and Afghanistan. I can’t wait to see what GHWB says on George Steph’s This Week program this morning. Bush the Elder is being accompanied by his reptoid wife Barbara, of course. She’s gotten so much mileage out of being dumpy and white haired. First, she was seen as looking motherly, now she’s seen as grandmotherly. She is neither. I have always suspected that when Barbara Bush sits close to GHW or holds his hand, she has a syringe of deadly poison up her sleeve and he dasn’t say a word against her favorite son George W. GW’s nickname for his mommy is “No. 1”. But No. 1 doesn’t quite hit all the tones of the Barbara Bush personality. Madame Mao Zedong was called “White-Boned Demon”. And that fits Barbara to a T. White-haired, white skinned, bones bleached white from the vitriol coursing through her dumpy little bod. Will she hold (that is, clutch in a death grip) GHW’s hand? Will she wear red for Christmas and speak of peace and good will? O most pernicious woman, will she smile and smile and be a villain? I’m betting she will.


Barry Schwartz said...
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Barry Schwartz said...

You know Justin Franks, the somewhat out-of-date psychoanalyst? I think mine’s better, but be that as it may. You might know about this already; I may even have mentioned it here. Randi Rhodes asked Frank what he thought Barbara Bush the Elder would do if George Bush the Elder tried to leave her; Frank said, in earnest, that he thought she would have him killed.

Zach said...

Where did you see Madame Mao referred to as the white-boned demon? That's very interesting.