Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cheering Words from Crazy-Person-in-Chief

"Absolutely, we're winning"-10/25/06 "That was an indication of my belief that we're going to win”-12/20/06 "We’re not winning but we’re not losing" 12/20/06 Mao Zedong who established the People’s Republic of China in 1949 had his little book, “Quotations of Chairman Mao” Hitler had his Mein Kampf Already countless books and compendia of Bush quotations are available to anyone who wants to spend a laugh-your-ass-off hour or two. (Or a distressing and depressing hour or two, depending on your mood). Most of George W. Bush’s best quotations, that is to say, the funniest quotes, are malapropisms, non-sequiturs, mispronunciations and flat-out ignorant rambling. But Bush’s words of cheer and encouragement about his failed war in Iraq could also fill a book. And these are the quotes that are truly painful to read. They are the words of a seriously delusional narcissist. It’s one thing for a warmongering neocon bastard like Dick Cheney to want to prolong this war in Iraq to satisfy his own agenda for controlling the Middle East by force. But the person who is sitting in the president’s chair believes that the war in Iraq is a righteous war because he has a mandate from God. And that is not being a warmonger. That is being a crazy person. It is patently ugly and wrong for crazy people to be used by others to satisfy greedy and corrupt motives. And yet, for the last seven years, that is exactly what has been going on in the Bush White House. If it appears that Bush is now capable of changing his mind since, according to an interview in today’s Washington Post, he has admitted that a new strategy is Iraq is necessary, forget it. George W. Bush believes the war is winnable. Not because the Pentagon, or Generals, or advisors or sycophants tell him so. The president believes the war is winnable because he started the war, ergo it is good, it is just, it is what God wants and God will see to it that the president will win. "We need to reset our military," Bush said in the WaPo interview. The President will wait for his new Secretary of Defense Robert Gates to get back from Iraq before he makes any decisions, he said. That is not true. Bush made the only decision he has ever had to make on March 19, 2003 when he decided to attack Iraq. He had a mandate from God, which meant whatever he does is right. Bush now believes more troops in Iraq will win the war. He’s still talking about winning. Not about compromising, not about empowering the Iraqis to fight and win their own civil war. Bush is talking about American troops winning the war. To Crazy-person Bush, that means unconditional surrender from all insurgencies. To Bush, winning means all terrorists in the Middle East must lay down their arms in surrender to Bush and his God. Bush’s “new way forward” is to spend more than $100 billion in additional funds for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. WaPo says the $100 billion is on top of the $70 billion already approved, which would be over 50% more than originally projected for 2007. We have already spent $500 billions since 9/11 and another $100 billion would bring it to $600 billion. And Bush wants to increase the size of the Army and the Marines. The New York Times says that it costs $1.2 billion for every increase of 10,000 soldiers. The expenditure of more funds on a failure is one thing...and certainly, a bad thing. But where are the men who will increase the military coming from? You can bet your last dollar that Bush is thinking of reinstituting the draft. Because he will not accept anything but unconditional surrender from the forces of evil that in his mind come from the devil in Iraq. Bush knows he can win in Iraq because God is on his side. And vanquishing the devil means the devil and his minions have to be TOTALLY vanquished. A minimum of $600 billion dollars and drafting all the able-bodied men in the United States of America is of no consequence whatsoever in Crazy George’s mind. He believes that he and God WILL win their war against evil. When Weekly Standard’s editor William Kristol says the war in Iraq is winnable, he is not talking about the same war as George Bush when Bush says it’s winnable. And yet William Kristol and the rest of the neocons are willing to exploit Crazy George and his delusions to advance their aims in the Middle East. The Kristol, PNAC, neocon aims appear to be to subdue (by military might, threats and bribery) the insurgencies, support whichever of the three factions (Shiite, Sunni, Kurds) seems to be on top, keep on a friendly footing with the Saudis, scare the Iranians, support the drug trade in Afghanistan by sending more American troops to make the drug trafficking more orderly and profitable. And finally, to control Middle East oil. Between Kristol’s plan and Bush’s plan, I would have to be in Kristol’s camp. Because Crazy George’s Christian Crusade is nuts altogether. So, yeah, it’s true. When you see the two Republican options currently on the table, what do the Democrats have to offer? Pull out of Iraq and let everyone in the Middle East nuke themselves (which of course means nuking the rest of the world) out of existence? That doesn’t look any more intelligent that Crazy George’s Crusade. Ideas, anyone?

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Barry Schwartz said...

I don't believe this is quite the correct evaluation of Bush's condition. What you describe is a Hitler of some sort, who has a grand vision. Bush has a grand vision? I think that Bush is much more the sort who simply _says_ he has succeeded, but actually practically never seriously tries to achieve anything. He makes believe and expects others to play the game with him.

Bush's 'increasing the size of the armed forces' is, I think, mostly co-optation of the position of John McCain and assorted Democrats. Karl Rove would have advised him to do that.

Not that Bush would turn down a draft, but Dick Cheney or John McCain would be more the type to make it come about. (Rumsfeld maybe had too much invested in the fantasy that he could do 'anything' with small, elite, volunteer commando forces and Green Beret 'advisors'.)

I am not able to have ideas on how to make things better. Of our countrymates there is Jimmy Carter who might have a clue about it, but we shouldn't be looking too habitually to the USA for a 'solution'.