Friday, December 08, 2006

Here’s A Hot One

Bear in mind that the main points of the Iraq Study Report were leaked on November 17th to the general public. And if we mokes who are not privy to confidential info of informed sources knew what the ISG had put in its report, then the President of the United States and his cadre of minders and rhetoric-weavers have known in painful detail for three weeks or more, exactly what ISG’s “Way Forward” was going to say. The White House masters of phraseology have had three weeks to fine-tune George W. Bush’s comments. And all the men who tell the president what to do and what to say have had plenty of time to digest the ISG report. Yesterday, when the President finally expressed an opinion to reporters about the ISG’s findings, he did so only after having met with the UK’s Prime Minister Tony Blair and with Blair at his side. Presumably, this was to show the world, as press secretary Tony Snow put it, “the president isn’t standing alone”. As the world waited eagerly to hear the President’s comments, this is what the best minds in the White House came up with: George W. Bush said that if extremists emerge triumphant in the Middle East, “History will look back on our time with unforgiving clarity and demand to know, what happened? How come free nations did not act to preserve the peace?” Which genius in the White House thought that one up? In the first place, history does not look back. But then, GWB is capable of mangling even the simplest declarative sentence. Even so, a child of six knows that it’s the men and women of the future who are going to look back to this time in history. And the thing the people of the future are going to want to know is WHY an idiot was elected president in the year 2000 and WHY this same idiot was allowed to perpetrate a fraud so that he remained in office for another four years. And WHY this same idiot told lies about a small country in the Middle East in order to attack that small nation without provocation. The people of the future are going to know exactly WHAT happened, but they are going to want to know WHY a super-power like the United States had a fool for a leader. They are going to want to know WHY that moronic leader so mismanaged his unnecessary war that an out-of-control civil war erupted and decimated an entire Middle East country, and bankrupted the United States of America into the bargain. The people of the future are not going to wonder WHAT happened because they will know with unforgiving clarity precisely what happened. How come free nations did not act to preserve the peace? What peace? The peace that has not reigned in the Middle East for 6,000 years? Or the peace that the Bush administration has not brought to Iraq after its unnecessary attack? Men and women of the future are going to want to know how come the United States allowed a madman to carry on an ego-motivated war for three and-a-half years. They are going to want to know WHY the United States and the world allowed George W. Bush to rave and maraud like Hitler and no one did anything to stop him. As though to prove that he is an addled clown with mush for brains who can’t decide whether to plotz or go blind, much less make decisions about Iraq, the President of the United States said he would have to put his decision about what to do in Iraq on hold for ten days until he gets three more reports. He’s awaiting a report from the Pentagon, another one from the State Department and a third from the National Security Council. When he gets those reports, he will tell us in a speech before Christmas what he has been told to do. Unless at least one of those reports tells the president to beef up troops in Iraq, spend another 300 billion to stay in Iraq until the next millenium and immediately bomb the bejeezus out of Iran, the Prez is going to shop around until he gets a report to his liking. We can only ask: Why is George W. Bush being allowed to rave and maraud like Hitler and Congress is not stopping him?

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