Monday, December 04, 2006

“Save Yourself!” Marley Told Scrooge

At least that’s what Marley told Scrooge in the 1951 movie, “A Christmas Carol”, even though that scene wasn’t in Dickens’ original story. Perhaps it’s because the Christmas season is upon us that the Bush administration--past and present members—is trying to do just that: Save themselves. But the White House version of being saved has nothing to do with souls. It’s more like rats scurrying off a sinking ship. Yesterday, the current US Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs Stephen Hadley was seen on all three major Sunday morning talk shows. He was explaining how the Prez would never change his mind about staying the course in Iraq, even though the president is planning to change his mind. Go figure. It seemed reasonable to Hadley. You may wonder why Hadley was making the rounds since he is fairly low in the National Security Council hierarchy. It no doubt was due to Hadley’s memo about the Prime Minister of Iraq (Maliki) being an incompetent jerk, which was leaked on November 29 and had stirred up a whole world of hurt. Both the leaking of the memo and Hadley’s appearances on talk shows can be filed in a folder marked: Bush Tries to Save Self and Fails. In case you are wondering who is on the National Security Council, here’s the list. And a dastardly crew it is: Chairman: President George W. Bush Statutory Members: Vice President Richard Cheney Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice Secretary of Defense: (Yet to be confirmed) Robert Gates Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: General Peter Pace Director of Central Intelligence Agency: General Michael V. Hayden Secretary of the Treasury: Henry M. Paulson U.S. Representative to the United Nations: John Bolton (who, BTW, just announced he’s jumping ship within weeks.) Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs: Stephen Hadley Assistant to the President for Economic Policy: Alan Hubbard Chief of Staff to the President: Joshua Bolten Donald Rumsfeld’s hasty Save Myself memo, which was sent to the Prez when he realized the end was near, was leaked to the New York Times on December 2nd. It was titled “Iraq-- Illustrative New Courses of Action”. One of which was “Iraqis must pull up their socks.” But now we are told the President is taking Mr. Rumsfeld’s suggestions seriously. One reason the Bush administration has not totally blown off Rumsfeld may be because old Rummy was not at all sanguine about getting canned and his plans for saving himself could include blowing his own little whistle on White House nasty deeds and misdemeanors. The spectacle of arrogant and soulless politicians dithering about and trying to save their reputations after having willingly thrown in with a band of thieves and warmongers would warm one’s heart at Christmastime if it weren’t for one horrible fact: American soldiers are dying in Iraq and these guys who are so intent on saving themselves don’t give a damn about our soldiers, Iraq or the Iraqis. They care only about how they will be perceived in future history books. And where is Karl Rove? Is he saving himself by ratting out his partners in crime to Special Council Patrick Fitzgerald? Oh well, Nevermind. God rest ye, merry gentlemen. Let nothing you dismay.

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slskenyon said...

I hadn't thought about the possibility that Rumsfeld may "blow the whistle", and that the White House may be thinking that far in advance in relation to his sugggestions--that is an interesting prospect. Wouldn't that symbolize the ultimate implosion of the whole scheme. Too bad we had to wait 6 to 7 years for it to possibly happen.