Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What Is Lieberman Talking About?

This morning the NYT quotes Senator Joseph Lieberman’s remarks yesterday in his 15-minute interview with conservative radio talk show host Glenn Beck. Lieberman said, “You know somebody said to me that Iraq, if you look back at it, is going to be like the Spanish Civil War, which was the harbinger of what was to come,” Mr. Lieberman said. “Also, as the Nazis began to move in Europe, we tried to convince ourselves we contained them — and we obviously didn’t, and then we paid the price.” Huh? We convinced ourselves that “WE” had contained “them”? What’s with that WE stuff? If Lieberman means the United States when he says “we”, he has a fantasy going about WWII. What happened was, the United States declared in 1939 that WE were neutral as far as what Hitler was doing in Europe. WE sat back and watched the goings-on until the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Then WE entered the fray. If Lieberman finds a comparison with our aggression in Iraq, I fail to see it. The United States was passive regarding World War II in Europe until Japan gored our ox at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. We declared war on Japan on December 8, 1941, and Germany declared war on us on December 11, 1941. “We tried to convince ourselves we contained them (the Nazis)…and then we paid the price”? What nonsense! We saw fit to make an oil embargo against aggressor countries, we froze German, Italian and Japan assets, and we suspended relations with Japan, but we didn’t get seriously involved until after Pearl Harbor. The Nazis had been running rampant for two years by the time we suited up. However, the United States was the aggressor in Iraq. And having started a war that we neither have the power nor the expertise to finish in Iraq, and having entered a war in Afghanistan that we neither have the power nor the expertise to finish, the United States has paved the way for terrorists to breed in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Lieberman is talking out his ass. As you might imagine, Joseph Lieberman has never served in the military. He received student deferments from 1961 through 1967, and then he got a deferment because his wife was pregnant. But this little putz with a big ego wants more US soldiers to get killed in Iraq so he can keep on being a Senator. Fah!

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Democracy Lover said...

Lieberman apparently doesn't know anything about history either. "We" didn't try to contain the Nazis in the Spanish Civil War. In fact (courtesy of Wikipedia):

"The Nationalists (Franco) received substantial overt aid in the form of arms and troops from Germany (Hitler) and Italy (Mussolini). The Republicans (the anti-Franco forces) received no aid from any major world power other than the Soviet Union, from whom they could purchase arms, thanks to their control of the Spanish gold reserves located in Madrid at the beginning of the war. At this time, Britain and France were deeply divided politically and had weak governments, while the United States was isolationist, neutralist, and was little concerned with what it largely saw as an internal matter in a European country. Nevertheless, from the outset the Nationalists received important support from some elements of American business. The American-owned Vacuum Oil Company in Tangier, for example, refused to sell to Republican ships and the Texas Oil Company supplied gasoline on credit to Franco until the war's end. "

Also, who the hell is he comparing to the Nazis here? Is he comparing the army of a heavily militarized industrial power with a gang of Arabs hiding in caves somewhere? The people of CT shouldn't elect him senator, they should have him committed. The guy's certifiable!