Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Down Side of Democracy

The big lesson the Bush administration is teaching the world is that in a democracy when stupid assholes elect stupid assholes, it’s hard as hell to get rid of the stupid assholes. You can’t start an insurrection and you can’t kill the bastards. Seeing how the experiment called democracy is playing out in the United States may cause a few countries to say No way, fuck that! Democracy is a tough sell when the main democracy marketer, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, has become a fascist nation. It’s impossible to make a case for democracy when the main proponent has made war on a weak nation, allows no meaningful dialogue in its Congress and allows no dissenting opinions regarding oppressive actions on its citizens. And it’s particularly hard to claim democracy is a preferred form of government when the poster country for democracy has a President who makes a fool of himself every day and yet Americans have to suck it up for TWO MORE YEARS. Nay, have no recourse but to put up with the moron president for more than two years, for 882 more days. On Monday, the Prez said, “I may be the only person, the only presidential candidate who never carried the state in which he was born.” Today, New York Times writer, David Stout says, “To a Presidential Notion: Sorry, Mr. Bush, but No”. In his article Stout lists 11 presidential candidates that prove George W. wrong. In 1972, George McGovern failed to carry South Dakota, his birth state. Hubert H. Humphrey was born in South Dakota, which he did not carry in 1968. Adlai E. Stevenson did not carry his birth state, California in 1952 or 1956. Gov. Alfred E. Smith of New York did not carry New York in 1928. James W. Cox, who was born in Ohio, did not carry Ohio in 1920. Alton B. Parker, born in Cortland, N.Y. lost to another New Yorker, Teddy Roosevelt, in 1904. James K. Polk won the election in 1844 but did not carry his birth state North Carolina. Abraham Lincoln failed to carry his birth state, Kentucky, in 1860 and 1864. Lincoln’s 1864 opponent, George B. McClellan, did not carry Pennsylvania, even though he was born in Philadelphia. John Kerry was born in Colorado and did not carry Colorado in 2004. And in case you’re thinking that Al Gore did not carry Tennessee, David Stout reminds us that Gore was not born in Tennessee. Gore was born in Washington, DC, which he did carry. One might forgive our mental-defective president for knowing nothing about history since he reads nothing and is proud of it. But he is so terminally arrogant and ignorant that he doesn’t know his own father twice did not carry his birth state, Massachusetts. Every day George W. Bush makes democracy look like a bad deal. All around the world people are saying, Look what the United States is going through, who needs democracy? The answer, of course, is that the Bush administration is not an example of democracy. The Bush administration is a fascist regime that has been allowed to exist in a democratic nation that didn’t understand it had been overthrown in a bloodless revolution until it was too late.


Democracy Lover said...

Amen is all I can say. Excellent post!

Barry Schwartz said...

You neglected to mention something that better puts this in context: George W. Bush majored in History.