Thursday, August 10, 2006

“No Immediate Reaction From White House”

The Brits have arrested 21 people suspected of plotting to blow up airplanes headed for the US by assembling liquid bomb components in flight. Prime Minister Tony Blair is vacationing in the Caribbean and President Bush is vacationing at his ranch in Crawford, TX. Blair’s people said he had briefed Bush overnight. But the US has yet to hear from the Prez. Let ‘s see...what was George W. Bush’s immediate reaction to 9/11? What was his immediate reaction to Katrina? He was catatonic in the first instance and dismissive in the second. It’s 9:25 AM the morning after a major plot to blow up airplanes in the UK was uncovered and thwarted. What’s Bush doing? Clearing brush on his ranch? Taking a ride on his bike? Oh well, nevermind. We’ve heard endless words from Homeland Security head Michael Chertoff about code red and code orange. And Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has spoken for many minutes saying nothing. Both officials have used this event as an occasion to boast about US efforts to stamp out terrorism and to make the US safe, which they haven’t done and which the US isn’t. And neither man has given any real information citing the Bush administration policy that national security trumps giving the public any info ever. However, liquids and gels have been banned from carry-on luggage on all US flights. And the accepted wording is that this “has all the calling cards of an Al-Qaeda plot”. Time for George W. Bush to read a script about how he’s made the world safe since 9/11, and that things are going swell in Iraq, that the American people need to be patient, and that they aren’t going to be told any real info about the UK plot but that he’s in charge so not to worry.

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