Tuesday, August 08, 2006

More Baloney About Castro and Cuba

The Cuban government says Fidel Castro’s health is “a state secret.” No info has been released whatsoever about Castro’s prognosis, but the president of Cuba’s National Assembly Ricardo Alarcon and the minister in charge of Cuba’s economy Carlos Lage Davila both said Castro was recovering rapidly. Davila said Castro would return to his duties in a short time. The NYT reported this morning that Alarcon said, “All those who have been dreaming, or trying to fool the world and put out the idea that something terrible would happen in Cuba, that people would take to the streets, that there would be great instability, all those, the door slammed on them and they must have swollen hands now.” But rumors continue to run rampant. Brazil’s newspaper “Folha de São Paulo” reported that Cuban authorities told the Brazilian president that Castro has cancer and would not return to his duties Our Prez says the United States wants to see Cuba change from a one-party autocracy to a democracy with freedom of speech and competing political parties. "Our desire for the Cuban people is to be able to choose their own form of government…Cuba has the possibility of transforming itself from a tyrannical situation to a different type of society. The Cuban people ought to decide.” Is any of the above baloney true? Probably only the part about Castro having cancer. But Castro will return to vibrant good health and come back to lead Cuba for forty-five more years before the US will let Cuba decide its own fate with no interference from the Bush administration.

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