Friday, August 18, 2006

How Mind Numbing Are World Events?

Events in the Middle East and in Washington, DC are so tiresome and stupid that the obviously false confession of a pedophile living in Thailand for the ten-year-old murder of Jon Benet Ramsey has captured everyone’s attention. And who can blame television news shows and the people who watch them for seizing on this piece of news as though it were of some consequence? World leaders are making self-absorbed decisions that are criminally mindless. Except for the UK’s Prime Minister John Prescott. And unfortunately, Prescott now has denied making the statement credited to him earlier this week. Supposedly he said at a private meeting in London on Tuesday that George Bush’s Middle East policy is “crap” and that the Prez is “just a cowboy with his Stetson on”. Whether he said it or not, it’s an astute assessment of the entire Bush administration. One Internet site that we all can relate to is These folks are looking forward to January 20, 2009, which is the day we will finally be rid of George W. Bush. The site is selling Bush’s Last Day bumper stickers, decals, Credit Card Countdown Keychains, a clock that is shipped preset and running to 01/20.09, Last Day coffee mugs, hats, golf balls. As of right now there are 886 Days, 4 hours and 17 minutes until that great moment in history.

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Democracy Lover said...

I wish I had real hopes for Bush's Last Day. However, I have to think about whether we will be given another opportunity to vote (or whether the "war on terrah" will suddenly make it too dangerous to allow an election), whether the vote will be counted properly (hardly likely), and whether there will be a viable candidate who is different enough from the Bush crowd to make a difference (virtually impossible).

My prediction? The Dems will nominate Hillary Clinton and the Repugs will nominate a Republican (is there any difference between them anyway?) and Hillary will go down in flames. If by some chance the votes are counted in Ohio and Florida, she might win and then get into office and enact more Republican legislation than any Republican would get away with.