Saturday, August 26, 2006

Bush Cried on Cue

Over on Democratic Underground TPM Café tells us that Greg Sargent talked with Hildi Halley by phone. Halley met privately with President Bush yesterday. She told Sargent in detail what she said to Bush about her husband having been killed in Iraq and that she opposes the war. It has been reported widely that Bush told Halley there was no point in having a "philosophical discussion about the pros and cons of the war." But we didn’t know exactly how honest Halley had been, and that she told the Prez the only right thing to do was to end the war. “As a Christian man,” she said, “you realize that when you've made a mistake it's your responsibility to end this. And it's time to end the bleeding and it's time to end the war.” They sat knee-to-knee. Halley says she looked into his eyes. "He cried with me," she said. I have no doubt he did cry. And I’ll bet when the tears coursed down his cheeks he was thinking of Jesus who cried when he was told of the death of Lazarus, and thus the sentence, “Jesus wept” became famous for being the shortest sentence in the Bible. I’ll bet the Prez thought it would make great copy in the press to read, “President Bush talked with Hildi Halley about the death of her husband in Iraq. Bush wept.” But the talk, the closeness, the one-on-one relating, the tears mean nothing. Speaking about Hitler, Nazi Otto Strasser said, “he seized my hands, as he had done two years before. His voice was choked with sobs, and tears flowed down his cheeks." Tears come easily to delusional men who believe their most evil acts will result in goodness and purification. "I feel he responded to me emotionally,” Halley said. “I don't know if that's going to change policy. It probably won't. But I hope it makes him think a little bit further." Forget it, Ms. Halley. Bush will not change any of his policies and certainly not his policy on the war in Iraq no matter how many of our soldiers die, because George W. Bush is insane, delusional, terminally stubborn and stupid. And he will not think further because he has done no thinking thus far.


slskenyon said...

Yes, he weeps, and we feel sorry. It's all a throw back to the idea that he was "so human" a person--it's what knocked Kerry out of the running back in 2004. Just because he feels bad about something does not alleviate him of the blame for it. If he were to actually do something, well, at this point, I don't think it would hold any inner meaning, either.

Barry Schwartz said...

It is a good description of the man.