Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Problem With Having an Insane Leader

First, let’s me state the obvious: George W. Bush is insane. The problem with a nation having an insane leader (as in Germany’s Hitler, Uganda’s Idi Amin and Panama‘s Manuel Noriega) is that in the beginning, the leader’s insanity seems to work to the advantage of the people who let him rise to power. But having been granted immense and unprecedented power, an insane leader will always make rulings that not only are not helpful to his followers, but also run counter to the best interests of his nation. An insane leader simply wants unlimited power. And that is the state of the Republican Party today. The Supreme Court justices that the Repubs so masterfully elevated to the highest court in the land are now having to make rulings against the sociopath who put them in power in order to save the Republican Party. Loyal Repubs like Senator John Warner (R-VA) are having to step back and decide whether the Prez should be slapped down for overreaching. An insane leader will ALWAYS bite the hand that feeds him. And that means curtailing the power of those who anointed him. That’s the way it is. Interestingly, Idi Amin was abandoned by his father and grew up with his mother’s family. Manuel Noriega was given up for adoption at age 5 by his father and the maid his father knocked up. Hitler’s father was very strict and savagely beat his son. What about the boyhood of our insane leader? He’s a mama’s boy who had little contact with his father. Does this matter? It may explain a thing or two. But the important point is the United States has an insane leader who has decided he has the power to do anything he wants to do. And his henchmen are prepared to destroy anyone who opposes him. If the President’s henchmen wise up and realize that their insane leader will do ANYTHING--including destroying his henchmen--to increase his power, can they stop him? I have no idea. Do you?


Democracy Lover said...

Can the Repubs stop Bush if they wise up to his insanity? Probably not. First of all, some of the Repubs in Congress are even more insane than GW or clearly have very limited intelligence. Then the Democrats will be polling their major donors to see whether they should join in on the side of the Constitution. The poll result will no doubt tell them not to rock the boat since it could make the fragile economy tank.

Perhaps we should order our brown shirts from Walmart and get ready for the next step.

Barry Schwartz said...

With Bush there is the unusual factor of a living, much less insane father still able to exert some power, which historically he uses to infantilize W.

More important is that the majority of the jurists the ‘Republicans’ elevated are ruling _in favor of_ the nutcase. That’s a very unstable situation.