Thursday, June 29, 2006

How Wrong Can Repubs Be?

And let’s be crystal clear, the Supreme Court is as Republican as Fox News. If ever there was doubt that the United States Supreme Court will hand down pro-Republican decisions whenever possible, yesterday’s ruling that the major portion of Tom DeLay’s redistricting plan in Texas would not be challenged was proof positive. It was DeLay’s redistricting scheme that won the Republicans six more House seats in 2004. The Supremes also ruled that the Texas Legislature violated the Voting Rights Act in redrawing a certain district in southwestern Texas in 2003. However, by shooting down the Democrats’ gerrymandering claim, the highest court in the land has now said, in effect, it’s okay for all states to adopt the Texas model of redrawing districts when Republicans need more House seats. But an even worse sin than corrupting the Supreme Court is the Republican Party’s stance on global warming. The GOP has been wrong wrong wrong about global warming for decades and now we are reaping the damages of its willful blind stupidity fueled by greed. New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania have been experiencing torrential rainfall and flooding for the past week. Ten people have died due to the floods. The Schuylkill River overflowed its banks yesterday. In Philadelphia, both Kelly Drive (on the east side of the river) and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive (on the west) were closed. The main road to the Benjamin Franklin Bridge also was flooded. One woman being interviewed on KYW Radio said she believed all this strange weather was due to global warming. Finally, thanks to Al Gore, the man-in-the-street is starting to realize global warming is a very real threat to our lives, our well-being and our economy. But what are the Republican Party’s most important issues in an election year? Flag-burning. Gay marriage. Denying women the right to an abortion. Giving illegal immigrants amnesty. Cutting back money for food stamps and student loans. Increasing funds to kill our soldiers in Iraq. Denying a raise in the minimum wage. Protecting the schemes of indicted criminal Tom DeLay. There is no end to how wrong the Republican Party was, is and continues to be.

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