Monday, July 31, 2006

US Does Not Want a Cease-fire

The New York Times reports this morning, “The United States has refused to back Mr. Annan’s call for a cessation of hostilities, saying that any halt must be one that removes the threat to Israel from Hezbollah. “John R. Bolton, the American ambassador, said that what the United States had objected to was “conclusionary language about the nature of the incident and language that attempted to foreshadow the political solution,” which he said was being pursued by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. “This is a very delicate matter that requires careful discussion so that rather than jump to conclusions about cease-fires and other matters, we thought it was important to let that play out and do what was important to do, which was to address the tragic loss of civilian life.” That is total baloney and nonsense. The Bush administration does not want a cease-fire and it will make impossible requirements and conditions to ensure that there is no cease-fire. Cheney/Bush/Rice/Bolton are a set of nested Matryoshka dolls. They are so far up each other’s ass they speak out of both sides of one mouth. If the US truly wanted peace in the Middle East then it would negotiate with Syria and Iran. The US has refused to have any direct talks with Syria and Iran. Yesterday, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said she “had decided” to postpone her trip to Lebanon. It was a ridiculous lie. All news reports showed that she had been told by Prime Minister Siniora not to come to Lebanon. The White House keeps spinning its version of reality even when the truth has been put on film and is being broadcast simultaneously with the White House lie. After showing Rice saying she decided not to go to Lebanon, CNN’s John Roberts said that Siniora, not Rice, had made the decision she should stay home. Why does the White House keep telling these lies large and small? It’s for the same reason that the Roman Catholic Church claims that all popes are infallible, including the popes who came before the Vatican’s edict in 1870 that popes are infallible. To admit that any pope is fallible is to give the lie to the claim that all popes are infallible. For the Bush administration to start telling the truth now would be an admission that everything had been a lie in the past. But, you may say, the world knows the Bush administration always lies and that popes are as fallible as anyone else. I didn’t say these policies are logical and sane. I only say that they are the modus operandi of the Roman Catholic Church and the Republican Party. And why are Israel and the United States opposed to peace in the Middle East? Israel and the United States are opposed to peace in the Middle East because they have become bullying fascist nations that prefer to tyrannize and oppress than to live peaceably with their neighbors. Terrorist groups like Hezbollah and Hamas are the inevitable results of oppression and tyranny. The United States and Israel have empowered Hezbollah, Hamas and the insurgency in Iraq. And terrorism justifies further tyranny and oppression, which the neocons in the Republican Party love and admire. When nations go to war it is always because a small group of insane men decide to go to war for insane reasons.

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Barry Schwartz said...

It’s more than unwillingness to admit error. I think it was Sidney Blumenthal whose sources said that in the State Dept. they are very excited about this conflict, and there is a domino theory by which the Israel-Hezbollah conflict solves the Bushists’ ‘Iraqi problem’. I opine that they do somewhat believe that.