Monday, July 03, 2006

Did the Pod People Get John McCain?

Watching John McCain (R-AZ) yesterday on George Steph’s “This Week” was like watching a Stepford Wife run her robotic conversation…the same bland silliness, the same zoned-out smile, the hollow laugh, the dead eyes. Oh dear…where has the GOP hidden the real John McCain? The worst-case answer is: This is the real John McCain. McCain wants to be president so bad that he’s finally showing us who he is. And he hopes kissing ass and saying yes to Republican crimes, greed and avarice will win the day. The NYT reported this morning that McCain had been giving President Bush words of support. McCain said he told Bush, “Look, hang on, things are bad, I'm proud of the job you are doing, and I wanted you to know that I will continue to do what I can to help.” McCain added, "I've tried, when his numbers went down, to be more supportive and outspoken, because I'd love to pick him up.” McCain says he’s confident Congress will overturn the Supreme Court’s recent ruling that Bush had overstepped his bounds re Gitmo prisoners. That is to say, whatever torture McCain went through during his five years as a POW, he thinks should be visited on US prisoners. And if the Supreme Court says otherwise, the Supreme Court should be overruled. Now, that’s something that is understandable. McCain wants revenge on his captors, and the one way he can get it is to torture our captives. I get that. But what about the other unconscionable Bush administration policies that McCain has rubber-stamped? What it means is, the GOP has decided to continue its fascist overthrow of the US government and it’s fine with John McCain. The GOP is sticking with whatever worked in 2000 and 2004 and John McCain has given notice he intends to sanction all of it, if the folks will PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ELECT ME. The NYT reprinted a pic this morning of McCain during Bush's last election campaign desperately hugging Bush like a lost boy who had just found his Scoutmaster. It says it all.


Anonymous said...

i saw a post somewhere 6 or 8 weeks ago, can't remember if a pic of McCain was included or not, but it said "WARNING: The Manchurian Candidate Has Been Activated."

AM said...

My thoughts exactly, anonymous. Problem is, we got quite a few of them out there.