Saturday, July 15, 2006

What’s the Answer?

The “Cost of Iraq War” calculator is set to reach $315 billion on September 30, 2006, which is the end of fiscal year 2006. Sounds like over 10 mil an hour to me. The reason I bring this up is that now that Israel has decided to bring World War III down on the world, the world is looking to the US to do something. Back on March 20, 2003 the Bush administration had two options for doing something: 1) The White House neocons could invade a weak country like Iraq in order to rattle sabers and let putzes like George W. Bush & Co. feel powerful, or 2) The US could let Iran know that its plans for nuclear arms and aggression would not be tolerated. As we know, the White House needledicks decided to invade Iraq. Back in May, 2003, the UK’s “Guardian” reported: “During a bout of diplomatic activity over Christmas he (Donald Rumsfeld) warned that the US could fight two wars at once - a reference to the forthcoming conflict with Iraq. After Baghdad fell, Mr. Rumsfeld said Pyongyang (North Korea) should draw the "appropriate lesson". Now it’s 2006 and for certain North Korea has drawn the appropriate lesson: The unnecessary vanity war in Iraq has bankrupted us; we have exhausted our military resources; we have mortgaged our souls to China and other countries who have bought our debt; our balance of trade deficit has caused the US dollar to fall; and the US is powerless to fight the war it has, let alone fend off Iran, Korea, or aid Israel. The only thing the US can do in any of the current emergencies is talk. Which it is doing in the most inane and mind-numbing way. Regarding Israel’s war with Lebanon, President Bush said, “The best way to end the violence in the Middle East is to understand how it started.” Huh? First, when did George W. Bush ever understand anything? Second, when did George W. Bush ever understand anything about anything in the Middle East? And third, when did the Middle East’s understanding of anything ever stop its violence? About “the Answer” thing: We can do NOTHING about problems in the Middle East until we have something in our defense arsenal. Right now, we don’t even have an arsenal…so I’ve got nothing on that. But the US has to save itself. We have to get out of Iraq. And we have to vote out all Republicans in November. Those are the most basic initial steps the US has to take to save itself. While the GOP is in the White House, it must silence George W. Bush. He’s a detriment. He’s stupid and he looks, acts and sounds pig-ignorant and stoned. If silencing Bush means putting him in a medically induced coma until January 20, 2009, then so fucking be it. And from now on, anyone speaking for the US must sound thoughtful and intelligent, which rules out Boots Rice, Deadeye Cheney, Numnut Frist, Asshole Hastert, Braindead Specter, Podperson McCain, Swishy Ken Mehlman, and Talking-Out-His-Ass Tony Snow. If the GOP has to find a ringer to sound thoughtful and intelligent then so fucking be that too. Actors can be hired. Who says the Dems don’t have a plan? I've got a plan.


Barry Schwartz said...

Please don’t use the word ‘war’, which rhetorically supports Bush’s claim of (unconstitutional) ‘war powers’. Use the more suitable term, ‘occupation’. We have a crappy occupation in Iraq.

The psychiatrist Justin Frank says Bush’s behavior appears hypomanic, and, most recently from what I've heard about the recent ‘pig roast’ episode, that seems correct.

Don’t cross your fingers about voting out the Bushists, unless you think the Democratic Party politicians are preparing to take to the streets if and when the election is phonied up. In Ukraine and Mexico they made such preparations, but we have instead John Kerry and so forth, who make no preparations and worry what people would say.

Democracy Lover said...

Amen Barry.

We have no effective opposition in this country. The Democratic Party is neither an organized political party nor democratic in any way. They should be renamed the Association of Pandering Sycophants.