Sunday, June 25, 2006

Yes Indeedy, Iraqis Must Be So Grateful to US

This morning, the LA Times reported some grim statistics coming out of Iraq. In addition to the fact that the US has NOT restored the most basic services like heat, water, lights, security, health care or oil production in Iraq, here is the real devastation the US has wreaked on Iraqis while feeding them bullshit about bringing freedom and democracy to their land. LA Times: “At least 50,000 Iraqis have died violently since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion, according to statistics from the Baghdad morgue, the Iraqi Health Ministry and other agencies — a toll 20,000 higher than previously acknowledged by the Bush administration. “Many more Iraqis are believed to have been killed but not counted because of serious lapses in recording deaths in the chaotic first year after the invasion, when there was no functioning Iraqi government, and continued spotty reporting nationwide since. “The toll, which is mostly of civilians but probably also includes some security forces and insurgents, is daunting.” The LA Times puts it in perspective, saying: “Proportionately, it is equivalent to 570,000 Americans being killed nationwide in the last three years. In the same period, at least 2,520 U.S. troops have been killed in Iraq.” And to top it off, now that the war has failed, the lies have failed, the bullshit has not been believed, the Iraqis hate us, the world thinks we are craven bastards and Americans are fed up and want the troops out of Iraq, the Republican Party has decided to get Republicans elected by using the fear of terrorism as a can’t-fail platform. There is a kind of Bush administration Rovian logic at work: Who better to trust where terrorism is concerned, than the people who caused the terrorism to break out in the first place? It’s kind of like a psychopath telling his relatives, “I killed my mom, dad, and sisters and brothers, so I’m the only psychopath in the family who can save you from me.” But you’d have to be crazier than George W. Bush to believe it.

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AM said...

two adages that always come to mind that explain bushite strategy and behavior:

"birds of a feather stay together."

"it takes one to know one."