Friday, June 23, 2006

News From the Clowns in Charge

FBI agents “swarmed” outside a warehouse in Miami yesterday. They removed a door with a blowtorch and arrested seven American men in their teens and twenties with no ties to Al-Qaeda or any other terrorist organization. The FBI believes the group was “hatching a widespread plot” to attack the Sears tower in Chicago, an FBI office in Miami and other US buildings. The group which calls itself “The Seas of David", sometimes wears things on their heads that resemble turbans, occasionally cover their faces and have been seen exercising outside the warehouse at night. Residents who live near the warehouse say the young men seem to be brainwashed and talk about Allah. “More details will be released today,” the FBI says. More arrests may occur. At the same time yesterday, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee Senator John Warner (R-VA) defended the Republican stand that there should be no pullback of troops in Iraq by saying, "Future generations of Americans will look back upon this very moment to determine how two branches of our government, the legislative and the executive, today stand side by side, honoring those who've given their lives." So there you have it. Republicans say Iraq is the center of the war on terrorism and we have to stay there because that’s where terrorists come from. The FBI has arrested seven American teenagers in Miami who wear turbans, exercise a lot, seem brainwashed, talk about Allah and want to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago. John Warner says we have to honor the Americans already killed in Iraq by killing more Americans in Iraq. And Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN) says it would be shameless to bring out troops home. You tell me, who is crazier and more dangerous? The kids in that warehouse? Congress? The FBI?

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AM said...

Let's not forget that Tim McVeigh was a "hero" from the first Gulf War, who came home to blow up some three dozen of his own in Oklahoma City. What the hell was on his mind?