Monday, June 12, 2006

Americans Have a Romantic Idea of War

And true stories coming out of Iraq are trampling that romantic idea. The American idea is that soldiers are not only fierce, loyal and brave, but they have a code of honor that keeps them from engaging in ungentlemanly behavior such as shooting people in the back, raping and killing women, killing children and torturing the enemy. However, the men who train our soldiers have to teach them that in the heat of battle you do what you have to do. And doing what you have to do may involve shooting people in the back, killing women and children and torturing the enemy. The raping of women is left to the soldiers’ discretion. The top American commander in Iraq, Gen. George W. Casey Jr., has been given the unenviable job of perpetuating the American romantic idea of war. Casey said on Fox News yesterday that the allegation that our soldiers had beaten Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was “boloney”. I have no idea if Zarqawi was beaten or not. But I do know for a fact that it is absolutely within the realm of possibility that Zarqawi was beaten. And I know that because the fascists in the White House started a war in Iraq, and our soldiers have been trained to fight this war in the way all wars are fought: DO WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO DO in order to win the battle. If there were the remote chance that Zarqawi was alive and that he had information that the Americans wanted, of course they would try to beat it out of him. And why not? That’s war. That’s what the insurgents and members of Al-Qaeda would do to Americans and that’s what Americans have been trained to do to insurgents, guerillas, Al-Qaeda and the enemy in general. It may be that General Casey is denying in good faith the fact that Zarqawi was beaten. But since the idiots in the White House have put the United States and our soldiers in the position of fighting an unnecessary war, at some point Americans are going to have to grow up and understand what fighting a war means. The lily-livered Bush administration wanted to play soldier. And the ones who wanted to play soldier the most were men who had avoided serving in any war. Let us never forget, the following list of men never served in any war: President George W. Bush Vice President Dick Cheney Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey Former House Majority Leader Tom Delay House Majority Whip Roy Blunt Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist Majority Whip Mitch McConnell Rick Santorum, third ranking Republican in the Senate Former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott Former Attorney General John Ashcroft Florida Governor Jeb Bush White House Senior Advisor Karl Rove We’ve been forced to fight a stupid war by men who never fought in a war. And our men are being trained to fight this war the way all wars are fought. It is ridiculous for military men to deny how wars are fought in order to pander to the romantic, unrealistic and childish ideas of Americans, most of whom have never known war. And by the way, all you people who want us to keep on fighting in Iraq and want more soldiers to go to Iraq, you do know what war does to men, right? Not only may they come back horribly wounded and broken physically, but also they will be forever damaged by what they’ve seen and what they’ve been required to do.


Barry Schwartz said...

The Geneva Conventions are really quite damaging and help to preserve the romantic image, which in turn helps to preserve war.

Anonymous said...

Did you notice that the majority of people who romanticize the war are those who never actually served in any real war? It is very much the same mentality as the people who drive Hummers, wave flags, show supporting troops MAGNETIC stickers. To them, war is a game: us (the good guys) vs them (the bad guys). I remembered an incident years ago. It was the time before the Iraq war started and Bush were constantly chanting his war propaganda on TV. I was in the YMCA locker room when I over-heard a group of men talk about the potential up-coming war. They cheered, jeered, and hoped the war starting soon so they could watch the bombing on TV. To them it was like an entertaining show. I was so irritated and peaked into their section of the locker room. I thought it was a group of teenagers, but surprisingly to see a group of middle-aged men. In fact I seemed younger than some of them. Among the rants of shooting/killing the bad guys, they also said something about protecting "Freedom", and "patriot". Now years later, as the war drags on, the death toll keeps rising, and many war crimes/criminal acts have been committed, I wondered if those men are still cheering for the war, and eagering to see the war upclosed on TV.

Democracy Lover said...

Hey Barry,

You think the Geneva Conventions are damaging? How about ignoring them after you've ratified them? That's really damaging!