Thursday, September 01, 2005

Now We Know

When the criminally insane residents of the White House made plans to invade Iraq on the cheap by using poorly trained Army reserve and National Guard units, hypothetical scenarios were floated as to what would happen if: 1) The need to defend ourselves in other areas of the world arose 2) The need for National Guard units to be deployed within the United States arose 3) The need for National Guard units to be used in a natural disaster arose And now we know. We have been advised for years that the levees in New Orleans might not hold during a mega-force hurricane. And doomsday scenarios have been advanced about what might happen if these levees gave way. Now we know. While the thugs and lunatics in the Bush administration and Pentagon lived in their virtual world of happy talk and deceit, the real world descended into economic, military, and environmental disaster after disaster. Worst-case prophesies were advanced about what the event might be that would cause havoc to erupt in the United States. Now we know. It wouldn't be terrorists, it wouldn't be germ or chemical or nuclear warfare. It would be our own maniacal and crazed leaders and their screw-the-planet policies and run-amuck war in Iraq that would bring the US to its knees. And when that awful incident occurred, it was inevitable that our President would belatedly and lazily return from a five-week vacation during one of the most globally eventful months of the year, read the worst speech ever written in the history of mankind, fumble through off-the-cuff remarks on television and say things like the breaking of the levees in New Orleans could not have been anticipated. While it is impossible for mentally impaired George W. Bush to sit in a chair and look sane at the same time, the rest of us can easily do two things at once. We can give aid in the form of service and money to the Katrina victims and we also can move forward on the impeachment of the President for dereliction of duty and malfeasance (called Crimes and Misdemeanors in Article Two of the Constitution). We have the choice: Watch the Chimp go Ape or get rid of him.

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Barry Schwartz said...

To me it appears that Bush has already collapsed. Notice he is behaving as if everything were hunky-dory. He has nearly fully retreated into his fantasy 'successful presidency'. That's how it seems to me; we'll see if I'm wrong.