Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Biggest Lie Is Still Being Told

And the biggest lie is what? The biggest lie is that President George W. Bush is a functioning human being. President Bush has no more personhood than Willie Stark in William Penn Warren's “All the King's Men”. Warren's character, Willie Stark, was based on Louisiana's governor (1928-1982), Huey P. Long. Like Stark, Karl Rove's creature, George W. Bush, is based on an actual person. And like Stark, George W. Bush does not exist. The media continues to report that George W. Bush has meetings, makes decisions, thinks thoughts, propounds policies, arranges events and performs acts. In other words, the media has accepted Karl Rove's creation as though it were real. But Rove's creation does not think thoughts or make decisions. It can't. It is too stupid, confused and over-medicated to do anything except what it is told to do. Was there a time when George W. Bush could have lead the country? Before Bush was invaded by Karl Rove and made into a podperson, could GWB have thought thoughts and made decisions? No. George W. Bush's core character was damaged when he was very young. He was damaged both by having the genes of Barbara Pierce and George Herbert Walker Bush and by being raised by Barbara Pierce Bush. GHWB was absent during most of GWB's early rearing. When George W. Bush was made president in 2000 by fraud and deception, Karl Rove knew his creature was as damaged and incompetent as any patient in any mental institution. But GWB was perfect for Rove's plans. And those plans were that GWB was to usher-in Republican totalitarian rule. GWB was to be President for only one term, or less than one term if an accident or illness came to pass. But history intervened. 9/11 happened and even Karl Rove got stuck with coping with a robot as president of the USA for two terms. The MSM has no choice but to advance the myth that President George W. Bush is an actual person capable of leading the country. Once the MSM had participated in the creation of the Bush podperson and did not tell the truth at the time of its nomination in 1999, the MSM was locked-in to telling the lie. But we, the people, do not have to believe the lie. We, the people, do not have to accept Karl Rove's podperson as president. We can hoot. We can holler. We can protest. And we can tell the truth.

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