Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Jeb's Drunk Son Arrested

Well yes, of course, it's interesting that Florida Guv's youngest son (John Ellis) was arrested September 16th for drunk and disorderly. Just as it was interesting when Guv Jeb's daughter Noelle was arrested in 2002 for trying to pass off a fake prescription to get Xanax. And it's interesting that President GWB's daughters have a history of drunk and disorderly. It's all very titillating. But, the most interesting thing about the younger Bush generation is that we hear so little about Guv Jeb's oldest son, George Prescott Bush, who is 29 and has inherited his mother's Hispanic good looks. The August 13, 2005 issue of Time mag reported that: “During his uncle's two presidential campaigns, George P. Bush, son of Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Mexican-born mom Columba, crisscrossed the nation to rally the faithful, often in Spanish. Now a lawyer in Dallas, P., as his family calls him, sits on the Republican National Committee's Hispanic advisory panel and is active in urban-renewal efforts in Texas. But Bush, 29, says any run for public office is at least a decade away. 'I would only like to pursue [public office] for the right reasons, not necessarily to fill some generational gap,' he says.” So right away, we know that George P. can bullshit like a pro, that he has enormous ambitions to get into the political arena, and that it will be much less than a decade (probably by seven years) before he runs for office. And we also know that the Bush clan is not pinning its hopes on Jeb Bush. The only troubling thing that has come to light about George P. is that on December 31, 1994, he broke into the Miami home of a former girlfriend, argued mightily with her father, fled the scene, returned 20 minutes later, drove his Ford Explorer across the front lawn and left wide paths of burned grass to be remembered by. And the interesting thing about this incident is that the girl's father declined to press charges. Could it be because Jeb Bush was the Republican nominee for Governor in 1994? And you don't screw with the Bush's no how now way. At least that used to be the gospel according to the GOP. Now George P. Bush might do better to use his mother's maiden name, Gallo.

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