Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Mr. Ratfucker And Il Presidente Insano

Mr. Ratfucker has noticed that Michael Brown said he wasn't asked to resign. While Mr. Ratfucker feels this may be technically true, he also feels it would be more accurate if Mr. Brown had said he'd been told to resign or be served his testicoli piccoli ala Sicilianese for dinner. Il bizzarro Presidente del unito Dichiara sees the Crawford compound as a Texas branch of I Ragazzi Italiani and sometimes speaks in pidgin Italian, Mr. Ratfucker said. Il pazzo presidente also asks to be called Don Doppia V upon occasion. Recently, Mr. Ratfucker reported, Don Doppia V said that race played no part in his telling the poor black residents of New Orleans that they should use their rusted-out pick-up trucks to get out of the city or learn to swim. “Fuhgeddaboudit, “ Don Doppia V said. “I…um…how do you say 'I adore you'… um… ti amo negros.” Il mentalmente difettoso presidente then turned to his Consigliere Numero Uno and said, “Tell them how much I care.” “La scimmietta cares…um…molto,” Numero Uno said. Mr. Ratfucker reported that Numero Uno also said, “Don Doppia V cares molto about the disgraziato and povero negros in New Orleans.” Il mucchio di merda then said to his Number One, “Tell them the blame thing…plenty…you know…all around." Numero Uno said, “Sì. Ci è abbondanza di colpa da girare intorno a.” Yesterday, Mr. Ratfucker followed Don Doppia V on his tour of the Algiers neighborhood in New Orleans. “Where…dove sono…um… the shops?” DDV asked. “Whew! What a stinkerini! Really puzza. These folks got no rispetto!”

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