Monday, November 21, 2005

The Point Is

We were lied into a war by the Bush administration that used faulty intelligence and knew it was faulty intelligence. The Bush administration put an old (71) and incompetent politician, Donald Rumsfeld, in charge of the planning and execution of the war in Iraq. Rumsfeld bungled every facet of the war. As of November 20, 2094 American soldiers have died in the Iraq war and 15,568 American soldiers have been wounded. We have been told that we would be betraying the Iraqis if we pull out of Iraq. We have been told the war was about ending terrorism and bringing democracy to the Iraqis. The truth is that terrorism only started in Iraq after our unprovoked attack and bringing democracy to the Iraqis was a fiction to rationalize our attack. The Bush administration says we owe it to the Iraqi people to kill and wound more American soldiers in a war that the Bush administration lied us into and that was badly planned and botched at every turn by an old fool. We the people owe nothing whatsoever to Iraq or to the Iraqis. The war has made the world less safe from terrorism. The Bush administration and Donald Rumsfeld owe everything they have or ever will have to the Iraqis because it is the Bush administration and Donald Rumsfeld who have betrayed the Iraqi people. But the citizens of the United States owe nothing to the Iraqis. We have already paid too much. The terrible irony is that while George W. Bush is publicly saying he will never leave Iraq until the war is won and that we must stay the course, the White House is planning right now to withdraw our troops because the war has become political poison. The final betrayal to Iraq, to the world and to the people of the United States is that the Bush administration will fix a date for a phased-out US withdrawal from Iraq starting in January. The fact (and it is a fact) that the Bush administration is planning to pull our troops out of Iraq is a good thing. But we must NEVER ALLOW the White House to claim that we pulled out because the war was over and we won. NO ONE HAS WON ANYTHING IN IRAQ. And most of all the Iraqis have gained only pain, deprivation and civil war.

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Barry Schwartz said...

No, we owe the Iraqis, because we have tolerated Bush and his coterie. In fact we should never even allowed them to assume office in 2001, but we did and now should pay for it.