Tuesday, November 01, 2005

George W. Bush Will Never Say He’s Wrong

He’ll talk about his war of choice, And birds that got the flu, He’ll brag about Alito, And praise his mother too. He’ll rant about the rights of cells And say they’re holy spawn What won’t he say? He won’t say he’s wrong He’ll say he’s gotta stay the course And kill off more GI’s. He’ll rave for hours on terrorists And tell a million lies. He’ll say the poor and old folks In his world don’t belong. What won’t he say? He won’t say he’s wrong. He’ll say a bunch of crap, but holy mother! There is one particular thing he won’t say, no never, not ever! In no way, shape or form Will anything be so strong As to make him say he’s wrong. He’ll say he’s gotta save Iraqis And teach democracy. He’ll say it’s worth 200 mil a day To remake their history. He’ll say it takes balls to lose a war And watch mothers pale and drawn. What won’t he say? He won’t say he’s wrong. (With apologies to Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein, II and the entire cast of South Pacific.) As of yesterday, 2027 American soldiers have died in Iraq. And this morning, because the Prez can’t say he was wrong, can’t say we should pull out of Iraq, can’t talk about the Libby indictment, can’t say he was sorry his aides had lied, and can’t say he will fire Karl Rove, he talked about bird flu. He said the US is prepared for a pandemic. Which it isn’t and won’t be in the foreseeable future. But of this, we can be sure: The President will never say he’s wrong.

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