Saturday, November 05, 2005


It’s in the New York Times …read it for yourselves. The following first paragraphs of four NYT stories show the collapse of the Bush administration far better than anything I could write. 1) MAR DEL PLATA, Argentina, Nov. 4 - President Bush's troubles trailed him to an international summit meeting here on Friday as anti-Bush protesters turned violent just blocks from the gathering site, and Hugo Chávez, Venezuela's fiery populist leader, rallied a soccer stadium filled with at least 25,000 people against the United States. 2) An auditing board sponsored by the United Nations recommended yesterday that the United States repay as much as $208 million to the Iraqi government for contracting work in 2003 and 2004 assigned to Kellogg, Brown & Root, the Halliburton subsidiary.. 3) MAR DEL PLATA, Argentina, Nov. 4 - President Bush was asked four times on Friday about Karl Rove and the C.I.A. leak investigation, and four times he refused to answer. 4) Public outrage over President Bush's mishandling of the Katrina disaster has forced the administration to back away - if only temporarily - from a deeply wrongheaded policy on low-income housing. In New Orleans this week, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Alphonso Jackson announced with great fanfare that the government would tear down some of the most unlivable high-density public housing in the country and replace it with model lower-density housing, which will probably serve mixed-income residents. And speaking of troubles the GOP brings on itself. The movie "Good Night and Good Luck" is a straightforward look at CBS and Edward R. Murrow during the Joseph McCarthy era. And the message is: The GOP never learns. The public will accept only so much deceit, manipulation and lies from its government before the people rise up and say, ENOUGH!

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