Sunday, November 13, 2005

Impeach Bush and Get Cheney for Prez

The current argument against impeaching Bush is that we would get Vice President Cheney for Prez. Or if we impeach both Bush and Cheney we’d get Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert for president. So? It’s not as though either Cheney or Hastert would have any real power after an impeachment. The worst impact of an impeachment would be the time consumed by the process and the chaos that would inevitably result if Bush and Cheney were convicted. But the power of the White House is already shot to hell no matter who succeeds as president. The answer to the dread question, "Do you want Cheney to be president?" is, "Not as an elected president." But it’s a completely different situation if Bush is forced to resign or is impeached and Cheney becomes president by default. To impeach a president and/or vice president, the House of Representatives would have to pass articles of impeachment by a simple majority. These articles detail the allegations. When the articles of impeachment are passed, the accused has been impeached. Then the Senate tries the defendant. A two-thirds majority vote of the Senators present is necessary in order to convict a defendant who has been impeached. My argument against impeachment is that it is not necessary now that the White House has so effectively impeached itself. In any case, the country is still going to have to witness time-consuming legal processes and chaos, which inevitably will result from the present investigations. And the governing of our country has already being sidetracked. Whether or not to impeach is irrelevant. The White House has already made decisions that have left it hamstrung, discredited and impotent. It doesn’t matter now who has the title of Official Asshole in Chief. The fact of the matter is that there is no option that would be cleaner and less damaging to the country than any other option. Impeachment, resignation and investigations all lead to dishonor and ignominy for the Bush administration, and ineffective government and waste of resources for the people. We have to get through the next three years as best we can. But first we have to get the troops home. Then, the elections in 2006 will begin the end of fascist rule in Congress.

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