Friday, November 04, 2005

ABC Poll November 3, 2005

Bush Disapproval Ratings: Overall job: 60% disapprove Economy: 61% disapprove Iraq: 64% disapprove Health care: 61% disapprove Gas prices: 68% disapprove Bush Personal Ratings: Is a strong leader: 53% say No Is honest and trustworthy: 58% say No Shares your values: 58% say No Understands problems of people like you: 66% say No In addition to the above results, the poll revealed that “73 percent of Americans call the level of U.S. military casualties in Iraq ‘unacceptable,’ and fewer than half, 46 percent, think the war has contributed to the long-term security of the United States…and just 39 percent now say the war was worth fighting.” So now the whole world knows how the majority of Americans feel about their President. The whole world except George W. Bush who reads nothing, sees nothing and talks to only five people in addition to his image in the White House reflecting pool. One wonders how Bush’s surrogate mommies Karen Hughes and Condi Rice are spinning the dose of reality he’s getting in Argentina. Thousands of protesters are chanting, “Get Out Bush” and Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez has made mocking jokes that Bush is afraid of Chavez. As of yesterday, 2037 American soldiers have been killed in the Bush war of choice in Iraq. Since landing aboard USS Abraham Lincoln on May 1, 2003, wearing a macho-man green flight suit, holding a white helmet, swaggering, saluting and proclaiming, “Mission Accomplished”, the President has killed 1,898 more American soldiers. It’s difficult to know exactly what the man deserves. Eternal damnation, for sure. But for now, the President’s Daily Press Grief is one of this life’s little pleasures.

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