Tuesday, October 18, 2005

William Kristol Is a Smug Devious Sack of Crap!

Did you ever notice when William Kristol says something cruel and mean he always smiles? As if the smile means he’s not a bullying little putz, but rather a compassionate superior being. I watched Katherine Hepburn in “Suddenly Last Summer” last night. She did the same thing as an actress. When she played a spiteful mean bitch she said every nasty line with a smile. It was chillingly effective. But back to Weekly Standard editor Wiliam Kristol. He is quoted in this morning’s NYT. You can just see the snide, patronizing, condescending smile as Kristol says, regarding the White House chief of staff Andrew Card’s role in pushing the Harriet Miers nomination, “(Critics) could perhaps hold Andy accountable for not saying, 'Mr. President, this is going to be a mistake’.” Kristol added, "He's always been - weaker is not quite fair, but he's always been a less powerful chief of staff than we're used to. It worked well for a while. It seemed he was good at coordinating Karl and the vice president and Josh Bolten and Condi. And, again, to give him credit, in the first term things went pretty well, you have to say. So I don't really put the blame on Andy; he's doing what he's always done." If William Kristol has decided to blame Andy Card in one sentence, and take back the blame in the next, could it be that William Kristol wants to call attention to Andrew Card because Card is Karl Rove’s boss? Could it be Kristol’s way of saying Rove isn’t the bad guy, the buck stops at Card’s desk. Just look at those big-shot plotmeisters ratting each other out! It’s all over blogland this morning that Judith Miller made a veiled threat to Dick Cheney in her Grand Jury testimony. Scooter Libby seems to have made a veiled threat to Judith Miller. William Kristol wants us to look at Andy Card not Karl Rove. And what with all the attention on the Supreme Court nomination and Fitzgerald’s Grand Jury, the White House Iraq Group (WHIG) has nearly been forgotten. WHIG’s sole purpose was to market the Iraq war to the public. It was a task force chaired by Karl Rove and set up by Andy Card in August 2002. The plan was to ratchet up fears about the danger Iraq posed to the US. The operative phrase used by the group to instill fear and panic was “mushroom cloud”. William Kristol masterminded the Project for the New American Century. He wrote the mission statement, which proposed a pre-emptive strike strategy to ensure US global supremacy. Kristol’s plan was then taken up by WHIG. Scooter Libby signed Kristol’s PNAC Statement of Principles and Libby is a member of WHIG. Since attention is now focusing on Cheney, and away from Libby, the toads in the White House swamp are scrambling around for a convenient scapegoat for Cheney. Kristol is pointing at Card. How about pointing at Kristol? He’s always been all over, smiling and pontificating, throwing mudballs, plotting, scheming, seeming to stay above the fray but getting down and dirty in the trenches, calling for war and global aggression while playing both sides against the middle. Yep. I just found my pick for oily craven manipulating pismire most likely to be behind the Wilson/Plame leak and all other disasters of the Bush administration: William Kristol, Wicked White House Slimemother and Pot-Stirring Master Bastard.

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Rhino-itall said...

So let me get this straight, you don't like kristol? you know he was great in harry met sally, maybe you should give him another chance.