Monday, October 17, 2005

Harriet on Hot-Seat Today

Harriet Miers gets her chance to rebut the jeers and boos today. She will finally go before the Senate and answer questions. Hang onto any photos you have of Bush’s Consigliere since she got her SCOTUS nomination on October 4th, so you can do a before and after. Apparently Miss Harriet had a 20-man-team makeover yesterday. On October 12th, Eleanor Smeal (Feminist Majority Foundation head) had a few choice words to say about “the hue and cry” over Miers’ qualifications. Smeal asked if a man would be subjected to questions about mental capacity. One answer and one question back atcha, Ms Smeal: Clarence Thomas was subjected to heated interrogation about his qualifications and even more embarrassing topics when he was nominated to the Supreme Court. And, has any man ever had a 20-man-team makeover prior to going before the Senate? You can’t bitch and moan about a double standard when the person in question exploits the double standard. Has Ratbang Diary become Gossip Central today? Oh yeah. We do it all when it fits. Like…did you hear that Condi Rice and Harriet Miers are good friends…really really good friends for years and years? As in, really really really good friends for years and years and years. Well…that’s what I heard.

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Joy,I am ashamed of you for repeating unsubstantiated gossip about Harriet Miers and Condi Rice. And I am ashamed of myself for repeating it on my blog. And ashamed of everyone else who picks this item up and circulates it. May we all burn in hell.