Thursday, October 20, 2005

Is It Amnesia or Abject Terror?

Someone other than Scooter Libby mentioned Valerie Plame to Judith Miller and Miller made an oh-so-clever notation in her little black book—“Valerie Flame”. But oops and alas, she can’t remember who she was talking to when she made the notation. Karl Rove says he remembers that he and Scooter Libby talked about Valerie Plame. But there was someone else he talked with about Plame…it’s just that darn and blast, he can’t recall who it was. GOP shill Robert Novak started the whole mess when he outed Plame as a CIA operative and said two White House officials had told him so. He probably named names to Patrick Fitzgerald early on, but now he’s shaking in his boots about the retribution surely to come and may never crawl out of his hole. WaPo’s Walter Pincus knows but he’s not going public. And if Fitzgerald doesn’t release a report on his findings, we’ll never find out who the other guy is. Never mind. We know it’s Cheney. Bush is in hot water because he has denied knowing anything about anything, which is a lie of course. But Bush isn’t the culprit…he’s too stupid to be the culprit. And besides, of all the suspects, Bush has a viable defense. He is so confused and over-medicated he actually may have forgotten what he knew and when he knew it. So…it’s Cheney. And what with his history of heart attacks, aneurysms, defibrillator, shunts, pacemaker, meds, and what-not, he won’t live long enough to give us the satisfaction of seeing him indicted, frog-marched and jailed. However, what is going to be a lovely denouement and meltdown is Fitzgerald’s investigation into the White House Iraq Group. As we know, there are nine members of WHIG that are in deep shit over forcing an unnecessary war on the citizens of the United States by lying about the threat posed by Iraq. But the full list of evildoers and bad guys who will be under the microscope is a delight to read: Condoleezza Rice, WHIG Karl Rove, WHIG Stephen Hadley, WHIG Andrew Card, WHIG Mary Matalin, WHIG Nicholas E. Calio, WHIG I. Lewis (Scooter) Libby, WHIG Alberto Gonzales, Attorney General Ari Fleischer, former WH spokesman Susan Ralston, former ass’t to Karl Rove Israel Hernandez, Assistant Secretary of Commerce John Hannah, aide to Dick Cheney Scott McClellan, WH spokesman Dan Bartlett, WH Communications Director Claire Buchan, WH Deputy Press Secretary Catherine Martin, Deputy Ass’t to the President Jennifer Millerwise, CIA Dir. Public Affairs (former Press Sec’y to Dick Cheney) Jim Wilkinson WHIG Colin Powell, former Secretary of State Karen Hughes, WHIG Adam Levine, former press aide Bob Joseph, Special Ass’t to the President Vice President Dick Cheney President George W. Bush Let the good times roll. And by the way, Condi Rice is feeling so sure of herself and high on war and bloodshed (1987 American soldiers have been slaughtered in Iraq) that she cheerily said yesterday we’d probably be in Iraq for the next ten years and that she couldn’t rule out expanding the war into Syria.

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Barry Schwartz said...

I, personally, consider him undermedicated.