Friday, October 14, 2005

Oh No He Didn’t!

Oh yes, he did! So afraid of what noncoms might actually say, the BushMen staged another scripted teleconference with our folks in uniform. This time, it was troops from the 42nd Infantry Division in Tikrit (right…Saddam’s birthplace) who were told what to say and when to say it yesterday as President Bush stood safely behind a podium at the White House. It’s only a matter of time until Bush is caught on videotape or on an open mike saying something incriminating. But it was the Pentagon’s Allison Barber who was caught on camera yesterday coaching the troops and giving them questions to ask. The Associated Press reported this morning that, “After asking for some water bottles to be removed from the shot, Barber then staged what was described as a brief rehearsal, in which she asked the soldiers to act out the order of their answers and which topics each would cover”. Half of the soldiers speaking on camera were officers, Paul Rieckhoff, director of the New York-based Operation Truth, an advocacy group for U.S. veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, said, adding, "If he wants the real opinions of the troops, he can't do it in a nationally televised teleconference. He needs to be talking to the boots on the ground and that's not a bunch of captains." So…we’ve had the amateur Mission Accomplished theatrics. The obviously fake Thanksgiving turkey in Baghdad in 2003. The hovering helicopters and stage set constructed for Bush’s visit to the Katrina disaster on September 2nd that was dismantled as soon as he left. And the amazing thing is, these half-assed White House movie-of-the-week producers haven’t caught onto the fact that while they are creating bogus films of bogus events of a bogus president, cameras are filming their fakery. What a bunch of stupid clumsy dithering morons. I guess John Edwards was right when he said the GOP’s problem isn’t arrogance, it’s incompetence.

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Anonymous said...

Yup, Sen. Edwards got that right. Saying that they are arrogant would mean that if they wanted to, they probably could get things right. However, the truth is that this team is good at politics and bullshit at governing... they are an incompetent bunch and people need to realize that. There is not one thing they have been able to do right except for giving tax breaks to the top 1% and outsourcing companies.