Wednesday, October 19, 2005

WHIG Pigs May Be Indicted

Democratic Underground had an interesting item yesterday posted by Stevendsmith. The post said that Larry C. Johnson had reported Patrick Fitzgerald was considering 22 indictments, including “Stephen Hadley, Karl Rove, Lewis Libby, Dick Cheney, and Mary Matalin”. Johnson said Hadley had told friends he expected to be indicted. The disinformation White House Iraq Group started by Karl Rove and Andrew Card in 2002 with the aim of fraudulently pushing the US into attacking Iraq had nine original members: Karen Hughes, Mary Matalin, James R. Wilkinson, Nicholas E. Calio, Condoleezza Rice, Stephen Hadley and I. Lewis (Scooter) Libby (plus Rove and Card). How has Mary Matalin sunk so low? And who is Stephen Hadley? Mary Matalin is a Republican political strategist who has been an assistant to George W. Bush and counselor to vice president Dick Cheney. No, she does not have a law degree. She went to Hofstra law school but dropped out after one year. She has few qualifications that would account for her place in the rarified circles of Republican politics other than the unerring instinct of a predator and brass balls the size of the Capitol dome. She is the odd couple partner of James Carville, famous Democrat political strategist to Bill Clinton. Matalin resigned from the White House in December of 2002, five months after the inception of WHIG and six months before the Wilson/Plame leak. It’s been reported she’s already testified before Fitzgerald. It would be a gift from heaven to see this arrogant, smart-ass, former beautician-turned-political dreadnought put in her place by an indictment. When Condoleezza Rice was appointed Secretary of State by GWB, Stephen Hadley replaced her as National Security Advisor. Hadley has been in the Department of Defense in various positions since 1986. He’s an old-line faithful Republican who can be counted on to lie and to defend lies when it is advantageous to any GOP agenda. He might see an indictment as a badge of honor but I see it as just deserts for a career Republican gofer and water boy. Speaking of which, has anyone seen Robert Novak recently?

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AM said...

Joy, you're right! Where the hell is Novack? He started the whole ball rolling, yet has never had to testify. Even the ultra conservative press wonders at this paradox.