Thursday, June 09, 2005

Yessiree! Watch Jon Stewart and Get the News

First, on The Daily Show last night we were shown a clip of the President of the United States in his June 8th press conference with British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Bush looked and sounded like a mentally challenged fifth grader trying to remember what he'd memorized for his Weekly Reader report on the dire situation in Africa. And, predictably, this grade-school moron who is pretending to run the world, had trouble forming simple declarative sentences, even when (as a clip of GWB from 2000 proved) he was using exactly the same weasel words he'd used five years before. Then we saw a clip of the Prez pledging $674 million for famine relief in Africa. It was helpful to be shown a film byte of Little George during his election campaign promising Condi Rice that Africa would be big on his Presidential To-Do list. Particularly since Jon Stewart figured out for us that the $674 mil would be a puny 3% of the total 25 billion Tony Blair said was needed to aid Africa. THREE PERCENT! That's surely the loudest Fuck You to be delivered to Africa since Jefferson kept slaves. But the best was yet to come. Stewart's guest was Colin Powell. I had great hopes and you could tell The Daily Show audience had great hopes that this four-star general who had been Secretary of State during the first GWB administration would have, by now, seen the light. Here he was on The Daily Show. Didn't that indicate he might come forth with, if not a few mea culpas, at least an admission that the US is being lead in the wrong direction? Not on your life! Powell actually defended his scandalous lying performance in front of the UN that pushed us into the war in Iraq. The man defended GWB's administration, I and II. And he even talked about the President making decisions and that it was the duty of the President's cabinet to follow the President's lead. President George W. Bush makes decisions? Who did Powell think he was talking to? A bunch of rednecks in a red state? It's not possible that Colin Powell actually believes that intelligent people buy the nonsense that George Bush--the mental defective who smirks, grins and mugs because he can't remember what he was told to say--makes any decision more complicated than whether he'll take a ride on his mountain bike. What kind of fools does Colin Powell think watch The Daily Show? Note to Colin Powell and his minders: The Daily Show is the wrong venue for disseminating GOP propaganda. The Daily Show is the wrong place to defend the warmongers currently running the White House. The Daily Show is the wrong vehicle for a lying gutless toady like Colin Powell to kick off a 2008 Republican Presidential campaign. Note to Colin Powell: The folks you were talking to last night are different from the folks you usually talk to. We think. We read newspapers. We research facts. We come to our own conclusions. We can tell the difference between the simple truth and a truckload of baloney. As of this morning, 1684 American soldiers have been killed in Iraq by you, Mr. Powell. I just reread your speech of February 5th, 2003 in front of the UN Security Council( This was the speech you gave after you were reported to have said, "I'm not reading this. This is bullshit." But you did give that speech. You didn't believe a word you said, but you delivered that speech. And last night you defended the fact that you lied us into a war. You're a war criminal and a disgrace, Colin Powell. You blew it!

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