Saturday, June 25, 2005

Film Clip of Randy Duke Cunningham

Did any of you out there Tivo The Daily Show Thursday night June 23rd? I don't Tivo. But when I watched the film clip of Congressmen Randy Cunningham's stupid statement about flag burning, I swear it had been altered. By whom, I have no idea. On the clip, Cunningham says (but his mouth is out of synch) “Ask the brave firemen and policemen on top of the World Trade Center”. And yet, the quote that was all over the Net Thursday morning (Daily Kos and CNN) reported that he said, “Ask the men and women on top of the World Trade Center”. Was I hallucinating? Check it out for me. In any case, getting back to The Daily Show Thursday night. Democratic National Convention Chairman Howard Dean was Stewart's guest. When Dean was vague about what the Democrats actually plan to DO with regard to fixing the mess the GOP has put us in, Stewart had a wonderful suggestion. Every day when the White House makes a statement about its plans on any specific issue, the Democrats should publish a detailed account of what the Democrat Party would do if it were in power. It's the best Idea I've heard so far. We should let the country and the world know where we stand. Howard Dean said he would like to appoint Jon Stewart as Secretary of State of a Democrat Shadow Government. Also a very good idea. For God sake, let's TAKE A STAND and publicly state NOW how the Democrat Party would proceed if we occupied the White House.

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Barry Schwartz said...

Don't be fooled again and again: the Democratic Party is an addictive drug that keeps giving you little fixes while your world spirals downward and downward. It hurts to quit but you must go through the pain. We all must go through the pain of withdrawal, so we can start anew.

(I'm not writing this as a Naderite. I never have voted for Ralph Nader, and despise Nader the politician.)