Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Michael Jackson

Members of the jury are now stating to any journalist who asks that they believed “something was going on” between Jackson and the little boys but that the evidence was not sufficient to find Jackson guilty beyond a doubt. And actually, as much as I wanted Jackson institutionalized, I have no problem with the jury. I can even commiserate with the dilemma that faced them. It may be that given the rules they were constrained by, they had no choice but to find him Not Guilty. But the fact remains: Jackson is a pedophile (who thus far has been able to elude conviction). So of course he will molest boys as long as he's alive and not put in an institution. He stated publicly that he would rather be dead than not be surrounded by children. That is an unambiguous statement for a pedophile to make. He has been accused over and over of child molestation. One has to ponder, what pathology allows parents of little boys to let their kids go to Neverland? How ignorant or craven would a parent have to be to make the decision that the potential of a little fondling is no big deal when compared with all the goodies the kid will get? It's very possible that the parents of homely, unattractive, fat little kids can let their children visit Neverland with not a moment's hesitation. Perhaps only blond, adorable, waiflike or sick kids who visit Neverland are in peril. But Jackson will do it again. And who can we blame for the fact that Michael Jackson is still at large? Do we blame law enforcement for not being able to catch this celebrity pedophile in the act? Do we blame parents for being ignorant and greedy and too willing to turn their little boys into prostitutes? Do we blame Michael Jackson's father for abusing MJ when he was a little boy? Do we blame little boys who themselves are celebrities and whose parents are so morally bankrupt that they won't let the kids rat out a celebrity child molester? It's futile to try to point the finger of blame in the Michael Jackson trial. There are too many culpable people. But here's the upshot. Every morning Michael Jackson has to get up and look at himself in the mirror. No, that's not exactly true. Every morning, Michael Jackson has to take a load of medications and mood elevators to be able to abide looking at himself in the mirror. This situation will not get better as he ages. We are told that a big portion of his nose has fallen off because of his excessive plastic surgery and he has to attach a fake nose to his face before showing himself to the public. Then he has to put on his wig. His scalp was burned in 1984 during a Pepsi commercial when his hair literally caught on fire. Hair won't grow on a large portion of Jackson's head. Then he has to put on his makeup. Now, I ask you…what child of his own volition would want to have a sleepover now with this horror show? This is not the last time we will hear of Michael Jackson and his pedophilia. He will only become more desperate, more of a freak, more hideous to look at and less able to be cautious and guarded about his perversion. This Not Guilty verdict is a very bad thing to have happened because now Jackson can keep on molesting children while he ages and falls apart (literally) before his public's eyes. Michael Jackson will be caught in the act. But the worst thing for him is that he has to look at himself in the mirror every day.

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