Saturday, June 18, 2005

Desperate and Stupid

I used to think the most destructive character combination a person could have was stupid and arrogant. George W. Bush is stupid and arrogant. His arrogance doesn't allow him to see how stupid he is and his stupidity doesn't allow him to see how arrogant he is. But his brother Jeb's character flaws may be worse. Jeb is stupid and desperate. Florida Governor Jab Bush who sanctioned the Florida voter frauds of both the GWBush I and GWBush II elections, now is trying to save face for shamelessly using the Schiavo family's grief to pander to religious fanatics in the Republican Party. Jeb Bush tried to generate a groundswell of support for keeping brain-dead Terri Schiavo alive in order to build a base for his own presidential ambitions in the future and to shore up his brother's downward plummeting approval ratings. How stupid and desperate can one person be? Support for the President has tanked BECAUSE George W. has catered to fundamentalist fanatics and BECAUSE the public doesn't like the path he is following. It would seem obvious that being a booster for that which has caused the GOP's problems would not be a winning option. But that is the option that stupidly desperate Jeb Bush has chosen. Now that the autopsy report on Terri Schiavo is out and proves that her brain could not function in any way and that she was blind, Jeb is claiming that Schiavo's husband, Michael, did not act promptly 15 years ago when Terri collapsed and went into a coma. Of course there is no validity for making this claim but Jeb wants to conduct an investigation anyway. No doubt Michael Schiavo simply wants the autopsy report to put an end to a faction of the Republican Party trying to use a family's grief for political fodder. But I personally wish he would sue the pants off everyone involved in this reprehensible witch-hunt. And another thing. I am sure a law could be passed, requiring that any Bush attempting to run for office anywhere in the United States has to pass a literacy test, and a psychological evaluation to prove that their gene pool hasn't been so degraded as to make them unfit for public office. We could call it the Preemptive Strike Against Bush Syndrome Law.

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Barry Schwartz said...

I would support a law requiring candidates for a major office to undergo independent and relatively reproducible psychiatric evaluation, with the results to be made public well before the election, and before primary elections. This would have to be a serious investigation, not merely one that decides you don't have paranoid schizophrenia so everything is okey-dokey.

John McCain would have benefited greatly in the 2000 primaries, by having it shown that he was A-OK and not a mental invalid, despite not having died in captivity, while it would have been shown that his main opponent, George W. Bush, was a twisted and extremely dangerous NPD case. Then the people would have decided.