Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Why Would Woodstein & Bradlee Lie?

Now that John D. O'Connor has revealed in an article for the July issue of “Vanity Fair” that Deep Throat is W. Mark Felt, the game afoot on the Net is to claim that Mark W. Felt is not Deep Throat. Even Aaron Brown was playing the game for fun last night on CNN. But why would reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein and Editor Ben Bradlee lie? These are the guys who broke the Watergate story in the Washington Post over 30 years ago. These are the only people who knew Deep Throat's identity. And these men have now corroborated that Deep Throat was W. Mark Felt, the FBI's No. 2 man who funneled info to them. If Felt isn't Deep Throat, I don't understand why the only ones who knew his identity would lie. The only plausible reason to make the claim that the four people who knew Throat's identity have now lied, is to keep the game going. I too felt let down when the news broke yesterday. I too thought, Is that all there is? It's so anticlimactic to know once for all that Throat is not any of the most highly-favored names in the Deep Throat lottery. It's such a letdown that the biggest mystery in politics in the 20th century is over. It's done, and alas for that. Some of the funniest comments are coming from people who went to jail for their part in the Watergate scandal, like Chuck Colson. He said last night on CNN's NewsNight that Felt shouldn't have leaked his information but should have reported the evil-doings to the proper authorities. Yes, and everyone who has damning information about the Bush administration should blow the whistle to Karl Rove who will make sure the criminal activity stops. Which brings up the most serious consequence of the revelation about Deep Throat's identity. And that is, the universe hates a vacuum and will always fill it. It's as inevitable as red wine on white pants. The stage is now set for a Bush administration insider to spill the beans and bring down another corrupt Republican dynasty. No wonder old-guard right-wingers are claiming we still don't know who Deep Throat is.

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