Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Which Campaign Has Hired Karl Rove?

That a latter-day Machiavelli like Karl Rove would putter around the house with his wife and 18-year-old son is a picture that won’t scan. In the first place, Karl Rove is not marriage oriented, to put it delicately. In the second place, Rove and his second wife and their son would have to be introduced to each other before they could have a...I’m searching for the phrase...relationship? No. Bond? No. Family life? God no! Convenient understanding? Maybe. I’m betting Rove will work sub-rosa for Romney. If Romney emerges as the candidate, Rove will officially announce his role. It’s not as though Rove needs to share ideologies or religion with his employer. Or that Rove even needs to have minimal knowledge about an employer’s business. Karl Rove will go where the money is. And he’s a quick study. But I believe Rove has a kingmaker addiction and I believe that jones must be fed. Giving up all those White House perks is a wrenching thought. It would make any politician weepy and emotional. And according to the press coverage yesterday, taking leave of all that power caused Karl Rover to tear up with sorrow. But life goes on and there are millions of dollars lying around in would-be candidates’ war chests. Whether Rove hooks up with Romney or not is arguable. But the idea that he will spend even five minutes with his or any family and away from hatching plots, scheming and threatening to destroy real or perceived enemies is ridiculous.

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