Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ratbang No Shit! Edition

The New York Times re the Space Shuttle Endeavor and it’s foam hole: “It has become increasingly clear that the shuttle’s design, which puts a huge external fuel tank insulated with foam above a fragile spacecraft, is fundamentally flawed.” A new CIA report says “the C.I.A. carried out no comprehensive analysis that put into context the threats received in the spring and summer of 2001.” Re Iraq, Maliki and George W. Bush, the NYT says, “Anyone who follows events in Iraq can plainly see the plan is not altogether working.” Re the Black Hawk helicopter that went down, killing 14 soldiers onboard, the Washington Post said, “Since the conflict began, 63 helicopters have gone down, including 36 struck by enemy fire. Over January and February of this year, seven military helicopters and one carrying private security contractors were taken down by insurgent fire, killing a total of 28 people. The incidents prompted the military to reevaluate flight plans and tactics used to prevent anti-aircraft fire.” The lawyer for million-dollar Atlanta Falcons quarterback, dog killer and liar Michael Vick said we should remember "Michael is a father, he's a son, he's a human being -- people oftentimes forget that." WaPo writer Sally Jenkins says, “Pardon, but if anybody forgot his humanity, it was Vick. Not us.” The LA Times says, “the credit crisis that has hit home mortgages and shaken worldwide financial markets is turning into a political albatross for President Bush and Republican presidential contenders, piling atop an unpopular war in Iraq and eroding traditional GOP claims of being good stewards of the economy.” Instead of getting into a fight, GOP pollster McHenry has some advice for members of his party: Shut up.

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slskenyon said...

I read a lot about this stuff in some recent editions of Time Magazine. Too bad most people don't bother to read up, say, at all.