Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Forget the US Attacked Iraq Ploy

We’ve been told that the blame game is not productive regarding Iraq. We’ve been told that we need to focus on supporting our troops and winning the war. We’ve been told that yammering about who got us into this war is not going to solve the problems the US now has because it is in this war in Iraq. Here’s the lede paragraph in this morning’s New York Times article, "'Free Iraq' Is Within Reach, Bush Declares": “President Bush delivered a rousing defense of his Iraq policy on Wednesday, telling a group of veterans that ‘a free Iraq’ is within reach and warning that if Americans succumb to ‘the allure of retreat,’ they will witness death and suffering of the sort not seen since the Vietnam War.” That is why the high-toned injunction against blaming the Bush administration for the war is ridiculous. The Bush administration has now wiped from its memory banks the fact that it caused the situation in Iraq and the Bush administration is currently working on wiping from the world’s memory banks the fact that Iraq has already witnessed the kind of death and suffering that the Bush administration is insanely saying will happen in the future if we pull out. George W. Bush and the neocons in his administration lied and without benefit of a declaration of war by Congress, caused the US to senselessly and needlessly attack Iraq. Whether we stay in Iraq or leave today, the Iraqi’s have already witnessed death and suffering worse than the quagmire the US created in Vietnam. The death and suffering President Bush alludes to as being in the future has already happened. And it has already happened because idiots elected a warmongering puppet as president and allowed his handlers to start a war in Iraq. A Free Iraq is not within reach now or in 20 years and using American soldiers to fight and die in Iraq’s civil war (for which the Bush administration is also to blame and which the Bush administration claims is not gong on) for the next ten years will do nothing to lessen the death and suffering that Iraqis have already witnessed. It is not productive to forget that the greed, avarice and blood lust of the Bush administration fomented and caused the situation in Iraq. The Bush administration can do nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, to lessen the death and suffering it started in Iraq. Now only the Iraqi people can stop it. The US can only lessen the death and suffering of Americans by making a firm deadline for getting out of Iraq and by starting that pullout immediately, Do not ever forget who started this war in Iraq. Do not ever forget that the Iraq War had nothing to do with bringing freedom or democracy to Iraq. Do not ever forget that the Bush administration lied in order to make war on Iraq. Do not ever forget that moment when Secretary of State Colin Powell stood in front of the UN and told bald-faced lies in order to start this war. The blame game is very productive. Because when Americans truly remember how this mess got started, they will put into motion the impeachment of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney and their trial for war crimes can begin.

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Barry Schwartz said...

This posting is completely wrong: Colin Powell was sitting, not standing.