Saturday, February 03, 2007

Now Isn’t That Cute?

Last night on CNN’s Lou Dobbs Tonight, Robert Gates (Rumsfeld’s replacement) was seen saying “there are four wars in Iraq”. Then he listed the four wars that Mchael Ware listed in his report, “Hidden Wars”, on CNN’s Anderson Cooper, 360 Degrees on January 31. Then Lou Dobbs said that was the first time he had heard the war in Iraq characterized that way, and flack Jamie McIntyre concurred. As I said yesterday, the entire government needs to watch Ware’s report on Iraq. Or at least read the transcript. Apparently the Defense Department has read it. Although, just as apparently, Lou Dobbs has not read it or even heard of it. In any case, Gates isn’t giving Ware the credit due. As you might imagine, I have sent a complaining email to Dobbs about this. Will he read it at all, on air or not? I doubt it.

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Richard said...

Your yesterdays' Michael Ware's war reporting over-view inspired a 30 minute waste of time searching for same. Commentor Cyn's link also useless. I'm all for New info & More of it. Until then, my fall back position is this:

It took a decade after Berlin's wall fell for Cheney,Union Pacific R/R, oil patch regulars including Haliburton, & fed lands via BLM to all crawl into the sack together and go global. Daddy shrub who was
already drenched in blood & coke from before a kind and gentler'time
appeared like a deer in headlights.
Situation: What can a neocolonial power do when its' adversary quits?
8 years of clinton's cock put every
tv junky on notice: the only thing worst than this would be .....get event so unthinkable no
patriotic citizen will recover and question the implications. With MSM
onboard it worked like a charm.

A population of clueless american citizen consumers driven by image- centric hype, zero savings rate, & faced with end of time scenerios,
finally gets its' wish. Sound discouraging? Not at all. For now
a monster out of order cometh that,
while certainly of our own making, is worthy of the old USSR: this was always the plan. The fucks didn't want it to end when it did! In classic bureaucrat style the intel
community took years to wipe the egg off. The re-education process nears completion: words such as fascism, terrorism, dissent,have required redefinition; the context
of rights & PRIVILEGES reviewable.
It isn't that the experiment that is the u.s is over. One can point to 1948 when a house of reps became
little more than another senate; or
adoption of a interstate hwy sys by Ike leading to imprisonment of mkts
to truck traffic vs public transit.
Continued build up of a military industrial complex inspired fears,
were put to sleep when Fidel tossed
out the mob together with Cuba's elite.
I met the Minister of Welfare under Batista, weeks after Fidel kicked him out & over to S. Miami. A jovial doctor reduced to doing ER work to survive. He and other cuban Dr.'s held their collective breath
until the bay of pigs. These men of wealth were made humble here. They have not learned humility though. Thank you cia.
I've met poor american indians.
And poorer latino indians. Their
greatness is humility. The negro
south of the mason-dixon personify
this quality among others. The best
quality whites claim is sometimes compassion. The worst is betrayal.

Welcome to the united states of america. Are your papers in order?