Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Crazy George Has Another Grandiose Episode

This time, the Prez was at George Washington’s estate in Mount Vernon, VA to commemorate Presidents’ Day. In the past, George Bush has been fond of comparing his puny, illegal and unnecessary attack on Iraq to World War II. He has seen himself as the liberator of mankind from the onslaught of the axis of evil, which axis keeps changing in line with the particular virtual reality dreamscape the Prez is envisioning at the moment. But yesterday, our deranged president likened himself to George Washington. And now the war in Iraq was like the Revolutionary War. Bush said that America is engaged in “a new war to defend our liberty and our people and our way of life.” Even the New York Times this morning could not figure out whether Bush was talking about the war in Iraq or the war against terror. And it really doesn’t matter, since the man was off in his own dream of glory, which had no basis in reality anyway. As the NYT said, the Prez has compared himself in the past to Truman and Lincoln. Now it was George Washington’s turn to spin in his grave. Bush said of Washington, he “stood on the brink of disaster many times” and “his will was unbreakable”. Even though George W. Bush and George Washington may share those two descriptions, as far as we know, George Washington was not an alcoholic, lying, ignorant, draft-dodging, psychopath like his latter-day counterpart. And although president Bush claims to be reading about George Washington, it is doubtful he has read “George Washington's Rules of Civility”, the 110 maxims our First President lived by. Or if George W. Bush has seen Washington’s Rules of Civility, it is certain he would never feel they apply to him because GWB is not governed by the civil, legal or ethical laws observed by ordinary men. George W. Bush knows in his heart he is THE GREAT I AM.

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